Hero Cat Saves Human Baby from Falling Down the Stairs

Image Credit: YouTube

When you think of pets saving children from harm, your mind undoubtedly goes toward a dog. Maybe it’s because of Lassie and her ilk (though you would think those types of pop culture references would be disappearing), but listen up – this video proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that a cat can also be a loyal, protective pet.

The baby was crawling on the living room floor while the cat observed from the sofa, but when the little one took off for an open staircase, the cat raced over and pounced.


Whether the cat was actually trying to save the kiddo or not, his intervention did just that.

And it seems like the kiddo has a good and loyal playmate, if nothing else.

Some people (of course) took the opportunity to judge – the parents, the cat, whatever – but I think we should all just take a minute to be thankful that nothing terrible was caught on video for once.

You may not want to hire you cat as a nanny, but it is nice to know they bond with their humans enough to keep a close eye on those who can’t always take care of themselves.