High School Teacher Asks if He’s Wrong for Keeping Pads and Tampons in a Basket for His Students

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Check out this story and see if you think this teacher did anything wrong for simply trying to help out his students.

AITA for keeping tampons/pads in a basket for my students?

“I’m 38M.

I’m a father of two daughters and I teach high schoolers here in CA. Since we started off the school year recently I’ve been noticing our female students have been having some “issues” and it’s hard for them to have/find tampons/pads etc when they need it.

As a father myself, I understand that those are essentials for woman. So same thing what I do with my daughters. I bought a bunch of tampons/pads and placed it in a basket in our class so our female students can grab one at any time and it’s convenient for them. the whole class loves it. Nobody says anything and overall it’s helpful for our students.

Now my colleague teacher next-door who’s name is Susan she’s like 60F. She thinks it’s inappropriate that I have that for my female students and she told me it’s weird because I’m a male.

I don’t find it weird or anything. Cause there isn’t anything weird about it? what’s wrong with a period or so nothing. It’s natural and it happens. To make it convenient for my students I made the basket and they love it and I also refill the basket on a constant basis.”

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A reader said this guy is NTA and they applaud him for his efforts.

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Another Reddit user pointed out that this is also good for the boys in the classroom.

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And this individual said this teacher’s daughters are lucky to be raised by a man like this.

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