15 Funny Parenting Tweets for All the Moms and Dads

©Unsplash,Natalya Zaritskaya

Alright, moms and dads. Toss this little rug rats aside (gently), tune them out for a couple of minutes, and enjoy these hilarious tweets that were composed with you and folks just like you in mind.

If nothing else, the struggles of parenthood seem to bring people together, no matter where they’re from or their background.

So dig in and enjoy a few laughs before the next kid-related emergency occurs.

1. Not feeling it.

Just let them be!

2. That’ll show ’em!

Reverse psychology works!

3. Not even close.

Give me that chicken, kid!

4. Putting on a show.

Dance for your dinner, children!

5. Got that extra five minutes in.

That was awfully nice of her!

6. Kind of scary, huh?

Oh my… that’s disturbing!

7. Listen to the doctor.

Nice dad joke!

8. Definitely your offspring.

He learns from the best!

9. Gonna be a long day.

Maybe you’ll do something like learn, right?

10. That doesn’t matter.

What’s in a name, anyway?

11. Maybe not…

It’s going to make more work for us…

12. It’s not possible.

Wait… you actually get sick?

13. Raising a genius.

He’ll be at the top of his class!

14. That oughta do it.

What a delicious solution! I’ll try it soon!

15. Just go with it.

I mean… can we make a new field of pastrami astronomy?

Those damn kids! They’re at it again! Making us laugh out loud because they say the most hilarious things ever!

Have your little devils done anything crazy or infuriating lately? Do you even have children, bro?

Tell us all about it in the comments!