12 Hilarious Tweets About What Life Is Really Like During Lockdown


I don’t know about you, but I’d do literally anything right now to walk up the street, go into my local bar, and proceed to have many, many alc*holic beverages with my friends.

But, as we all know, that’s not possible for a while because we’re now in Phase 2 of this awful lockdown.

But we’ll get there!

In the meantime, stay safe, maintain your distance from people, and we’ll all go out and celebrate on the other side of this thing!

And here are some funny tweets about our current situation for you to enjoy while we wait for things to reopen.

1. Just get it over with.

It’s time to get rid of those loose ends.

2. It’s the sensation that’s sweeping the nation!

This is what 2020 will be known for…plus that other thing…

3. Okay, enough with the damn bread!

See the comment above.

4. I’ll be over here if you need me.

Do you need a spotter? If so, wake me up.


5. I don’t think anyone is getting this message.

We get it. We don’t need to see any more.

6. You’re slowly losing your mind.

It’s okay, so am I.


7. Hey, congrats!

Sorry you couldn’t do an actual graduation.


8. This should be hanging up in all houses.

Read it. LIVE IT.

9. Better watch your step.

There’s nowhere to go, so you better keep your mouth shut.

10. This is it, folks.

What stage at your currently in?

11. It’s THE WORST.

You gotta be careful on Zoom or else you’ll look like a dummy.

12. What the hell am I looking at here.

Now THIS is terrifying.

Well, those funny tweets sure hit the mark!

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Please and thank you!