Nice Stories of People Being Very Kind to Each Other

©Unsplash,Andrea Tummons

It’s pretty hard to be positive right now.

Many people are struggling and the seemingly never-ending wave of bad news is hard to escape from on most days.

But when you look below the surface, you’ll notice that things aren’t so bleak and that people are really going out of their way to be kind and decent to each other right now.

This tweet got a whole bunch of people talking about the nice things they’ve seen lately.

Here are some examples that we think you’ll appreciate.

And why don’t you go out and some of this in your own life too! It’s good for the soul!

1. Hopelessly devoted to you.

That’s very sweet.

2. Uplifting thoughts.

A lovely gesture.

3. We should all be doing this.

You need to see the folks who are important to you in any way that you can.

4. Your husband was all over it.

What a nice day!

5. Madly in love.

A beautiful photo.

6. The kindness of strangers.

Sounds pretty sketchy to me.

7. Now we’re all crying.

Still in love after all these years.

8. Those precious first steps.

You’ll remember these moments forever.

9. A secret admirer, perhaps?

A smooth move on his part.

10. Time to celebrate.

How cool!!!!

11. That’s when you knew.

The one and only…

Those posts are really nice, aren’t they?

I know that I needed a little dose of wholesomeness today.

Now we want to hear from the readers out there.

In the comments, tell us about an act of kindness that you’ve witnessed lately.

Maybe it happened to you, or maybe you’re the one who went out of your way to be nice to someone.

We look forward to hearing from you!