How Can You Tell Someone Is a Good Person Even When They Don’t Show It? Here’s What People Said.

Not everyone out there is forward with their feelings.

In other words, sometimes it’s hard to tell if someone is a good person or kind of a terrible individual.

But there are some signs that can tip you off.

Folks on AskReddit talked about how they can tell that someone is a good person.

Take a look.

1. Genuine.

“The person who asks, “How are you?” and genuinely wants to know, giving responses that show understanding.”

2. A helping hand.

“Recently my boss and I were waiting for a train in London, I see him hurrying back up the stairs.

He had seen a woman on her own approaching the stairs with a pushchair and instinctively dashed up to assist her.

Must have been 50 people around us that either didn’t see or didn’t care enough to act.”

3. A sure sign.

“You can tell a good kid when they purposely try to include the quiet shy kid at school, and make an effort to be nice and friendly to them

I was that kid at high school and it always made me happy when these kids would make an effort to talk to me.”

4. Big ones.

“Being quiet, polite and willing to help.

Or anyone who isn’t self centered generally leans to being a good person.”

5. They don’t do it.

“People who don’t mock others for problems they’re going through.

Basically, they avoid belitteling others despite having numerous opportunities to do so especially in family/large gatherings.”

6. Helping folks out.

“When they do yard work or snow removal for a an older or disadvantaged neighbor regularly all under the guise of keeping up the curb appeal or property values of the neighborhood.”

7. Not rude.

“They don’t ask question that might hurt other people. like “why are you not married yet?” or “why don’t you have kids?””

8. Don’t have to show off.

“They pick up litter and put it in the bin without posting a picture on social media saying “You guysss this is so depressing to see :'(“.”

9. Amen!

“They yield to people that approach an elevator first, hold doors, and are pleasant/patient with people in the service industry.”

10. No attention needed.

“You must actually catch them in action, because they will not call attention to themselves in any way.

They’re the ones who allow others to merge in traffic or stop short of a commercial driveway to let a car out into traffic. They’ll see a cart abandoned in the lot, walk to it, and take it into the store to use.

They’ll bring coupons from home that they won’t use and place them on the market shelves for others. They’ll call the cashier by name, engage them in conversation rather than play with their phone, and make them smile.”

11. Yes!

“They’re kind to animals.

A friend of my dad’s was mind of grumpy and was very loud, and tried to come off way tougher than he was… but absolutely MELTED over small animals.

Bunnies, squirrels, but his favorite was his cat Taco. That cat was treated like royalty and got all the perks and baby-talk included.

Even the Grinch had a dog.”

12. No judgment.

“Not being judgy towards other peoples choices.

They hear other people out and built an opinion that takes into consideration, where the person is coming from.”

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