What Are We Definitely Not in the Golden Age Of? People Shared Their Thoughts.

I’ll tell you what I don’t think we’re in the golden age of: COMMON SENSE.

I mean, can we get any dumber as a society right now?

Actually, I shouldn’t say that out loud because I might have just jinxed something…sorry about that…

What are we most definitely NOT in the golden age of?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. Dangerous stuff.

“Train hopping

Back in the day this was a real deal mode of transportation.”

2. Gone.

“In my opinion the golden age of Youtube was when “viral videos” were still a thing and creators were a lot smaller and more amateur.

This was the original spirit of YouTube and it’s totally d**d now.”

3. On point.

“Civil discourse.

And if you disagree, I’ll insult your mother.”

4. Country and Western.

“Haven’t really enjoyed most of the westerns released in the past 15 years.

Country music is also too pop for me for the last 10+ years.”

5. That’s too bad.

“Journalism in general.

Uneducated bloggers and twitter handles are given the same platform as qualified journalists, and it has pushed newspapers out because they’ve gone to paywalls in order to pay their staff to report on things properly. As a result, more and more people are saving money and getting information from free alternatives.

Most of these sources are biased, not fact-checked or both. It goes into the twittersphere and the next thing you know, everyone is repeating it but it’s got no underpinnings in truth. No sources cited, just rumors taken as fact.

Even the people working for more traditionally reputable sources can be prone to reporting rumors because they’re worried about being scooped, so they move too quickly and report what they hear before they have a chance to corroborate the information.”

6. The old days.


My square, preppy, Ivy League grandpa hitched from New York to Alaska and back with his best friend in the 1930s, and it wasn’t even considered a strange or risky thing to do.

Now I assume it’s nothing but serial k**lers hitching rides with other serial k**lers.”

7. It’s pretty bad.


Half a century of classic rock and the station plays the same 20 songs every day.”

8. Too bad.

“Shopping malls are d**d.

And they’re getting d**der by the day.”

9. Doh!

“The Simpsons.

That show ended 20 years ago, and you can’t convince me otherwise.”

10. Absolutely.

“Rock n’ roll.

I remarked when Eddie Van Halen d**d that we’ll probably never get another new rock band that achieves the fame or record sales of a Van Halen.

There’s good rock music out there, but it’s a fragmented market and as a result, very few rock bands have much cultural or economic impact.”

11. Interesting.

“War movies.

Like we only do WW2 and that’s because it’s a gurentee win. We h**e The N**is and that’s all we see is WW2 films where we just k**l BBG which is just THE N**IS.

Globally there’s been thousands if not millions of wars that have more interesting aspects and stories than WW2 and WW1.

Like without googling I ask “When’s the last time you seen a movie about The Korean war that isn’t MASH, Spanish American War? Russio Japanese war? Heck Vietnam and it isn’t We were Soldiers, Apocalypse Now, or Good Morning Vietnam?”

Chances are you’ll be on your phone getting ready to tell me immediately googling up 3 McWar films.

I think there’s some movies that deserve attention like The Siege of Jadotville and 1911.”

12. The friendly skies.

“Airline travel. This is the garbage age of airline travel.

I will justify my answer a bit though with details of a recent trip flying to Caribbean from a Midwest US city. For context, I’m 6’5”. Want 2” extra legroom? Pay extra. Want to sit next to your spouse, well pay extra for them too (x8 flight legs, pay to pick seats for each). Want to bring luggage? Extra. Is it heavy? Extra.

Oh sorry, they changed out planes you’re not getting the seat you paid for. Want to maybe get to wait in a shorter security line? Extra. That tsa approved checkpoint friendly bag you bought? This particular agent says you still have to take out your laptop. Get there at least three hours early for international flight, it may not be enough or it might mean you sit in the terminal for an hour and a half.

Want a cup of coffee in the airport? Line is 40 people deep. Airport food is like stadium food in cost and quality but you can’t bring anything with you. Going through customs during covid? There are three agents working and 1000 people in line, holy s**t.”

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