How Do Introverts Want to Be Socially Interacted With? Here’s What People Said.

I’ve said this many times, but I think I’m somewhere on the dividing line between extrovert and introvert.

I like to go out and socialize and have a good time, BUT there are also times when I can become a hermit in my house and not see anyone for days at a time.

Who knows, maybe I’m a total weirdo?

How do introverted people really want to be interacted with?

Here’s what people said on AskReddit.

1. Want to be included.

“I enjoy being included in things, and sometimes it’s hard for me to break into the conversation, so it’s always great when someone says, “what were you saying?” This helps so much.

Sometimes I need a break from a large group, but it doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the gathering. Please, please, please, don’t ask why I’m so quiet, because it’s a battle I’ve struggled with my whole life, and it makes me even more aware of how strange I might seem to others, thus making it even harder for me to talk.”

2. In small doses.

“I want to be included, but in small doses.

If you know me well and realize we’ve been in a social situation for an extended time (generally I just get really quiet and I’m making no effort at all to stay engaged with the conversation once my “battery” has drained), give me an optional/temporary “out”.

Ask if I could check on dinner if no one is in the kitchen, ask if I would like to run to the store for more chips/ice/whatever, or of it’s just two people, excuse yourself to use the restroom and spend a little longer than needed away.

Think of those little escapes from people as a burst charge for your phone.”

3. All about boundaries.

“Respect their boundaries.

Sometimes they just want to be left alone or to be quiet.”

4. Building a connection.

“I’m an introvert.

It’s not like we’re some totally different species. You can interact with people normally. Introverts just need time alone to recharge after a lot of socializing, extroverts get energy from it.

Stuff like don’t make small talk, or text me instead of calling, are just personal preferences. You can 100% find extroverts that h**e small talk or that want to be texted. I f**king love small talk.

To me it’s how you can build a connection with someone so that you can have the big conversations. Text me instead of calling though, but I think that’s just because I’m a millenial.”

5. Take it all in.

“I love to just sit and observe and take in my surroundings rather than have to be the center of attention.

Most people interpret that as I’m either shy or just don’t want to be there in the first place.”

6. Time to recharge.

“I am introverted but still like socializing and count myself as good at conversing with people.

I may just need to step away after a couple of hours, get quiet, or hang back from a group after a while, in order to recharge.

Especially around those that I don’t know very well.”

7. Good info.

“We like to be approached rather than doing the approaching.

We don’t like a lot of stimulation.

We can sit with you in a room and be completely content not interacting.”

8. That’s when I feel the drain.

“My partner and I (both quite introverted) are very comfortable in high-stimulation environments like clubs and festivals where it’s easy to blend into a sea of people.

I’m also very comfortable in “one way street” sorts of social events like being in a stage performance or being a public speaker. I don’t feel the “drain” unless actively socially engaged.”

9. The big difference.

“The same as extroverts.

Difference is that we need breaks after to recharge.

That’s really the biggest and most important difference.”

10. Don’t call me out.

“Tthere are times I wanna chime in and say a lot during group convos.

There are other times where I’m content listening. If I’m just listening, DO NOT call me out on it and try to rope me in.

I have nothing to contribute, and that’s fine with me.”

11. Just listening.

“Is it so weird for people to just want to listen? That is always something that has baffled me.

If I have nothing to add why would someone want me to add noise? Because that’s all it would be is noise.”

12. Not helpful.

““Why are you so quiet” is the worst!! It feels like being shamed for not having a lot to talk about. It immediately puts you on the defensive.

And if you’re being quiet because there’s something going on in your life that you don’t want to talk about…. well then you don’t want to talk about it!! It’s really not a helpful conversation starter.”

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