How One Young Woman’s Car Wash Turns Her A Consistent Profit

Some people are content nabbing 9-5 jobs, whether they’re behind a desk or something different, and taking home their paycheck every two weeks for 80-ish hours of work.

Other people know that kind of life isn’t for them, and so they go looking for ways to live the sort of days they want while still making enough money to pay rent.

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One of those latter types of people is Hannah Ingram, a real estate agent and businesswoman who made the decision at 22 years old to buy a car wash.

Now, according to her TikTok account, she’s making thousands of dollars a week and only putting in a few hours of actual work a week.

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Hannah has always been one to listen to her gut; when she realized college didn’t feel like a good fit for her she quit, studying for and getting her real estate license instead.

Her TikTok video detailing how she makes passive income with her car wash has nearly 40 million views. In it, she shows herself emptying the payment machines and then making deposits from the money, which are typically over a thousand dollars a week.

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If you’re thinking that earning passive income sounds like a pretty neat idea and you’re wondering how to get into it for yourself, she’s got other ideas on her account, too, if a car wash isn’t for you.

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Hannah bought the $140k car wash herself using a method called seller financing, which basically means that Hannah makes the monthly payments on a loan taken out by the previous owner.

That means she doesn’t accrue the debt, didn’t have to qualify for a loan, and keeps the profits for herself.


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She admits that she did get lucky with the deal, but thinks that if you can find a way to make $50k a year, why not?

I have to say, I agree. I hope my own lucky deal shows up some day soon.