How Reopening Looks for Businesses Around the World

For stores and businesses around the world, reopening is not a simple as turning a lock. Unusual protocols for doing business are necessary now to keep employees and customers safe. Some of these stores are using combinations of technology and barriers to keep viruses away.

From around the globe, here are 10 businesses and how they are operating safely for patrons and workers.

1. Seen on an escalator in Hong Kong.

A UV handrail sterilizer. Handrails have to be the dirtiest places to touch with bare hands.

This UV handrail sterilizer on an escalator in Hong Kong
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2. Seen at a gym in Hong Kong.

A UV sanitizer for cell phones.

Photo Credit: Twitter

3. Seen in Hong Kong.

An automatic sanitizer sprays food-safe disinfectant.


4. Seen at a private club in Hong Kong.

Temperature-check and registration.


5. When kids go to school in China.

Photo Credit: Bored Panda

6. Seen in Denmark.

A hand-washing station outside.

Hand-washing station outside a Danish supermarket
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7. Get that sweat on!

Honestly, a pretty good system!

8. Seen in China.

A food cart worker wears a mask.


9. Seen in Austria.

A supermarket sprays customers’ hands and carts and hands over masks by tongs.

Austrian Supermarket taking precautions
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We’ll see these protocols stay in place across the world for some time. But it really comes down to checking to see if people are healthy and clean and taking precautionary steps of handing out masks and sanitizing hands.

It’s a strange, new world.

Do you think these measures are enough to keep people safe? Or do you think they’re unnecessary?

Tell us in the comments.