How Social Distancing Looks Around the World

Love your neighbor but do it from a distance, please. That’s the message we’ve been getting from the experts who are racing to get the novel coronavirus under control. Scientists recommend a distance of at least 6-feet from any new person you encounter or at least some kind of partition.

Here’s what that looks like across the globe in these 10 images.

1.  When exercising in a Hong Kong gym.

Some machines are spaced apart and partitions are placed between others.

2. When drinking at this bar in Germany.

A barrier separates bartenders from customers.

3. When eating baozi at Quinfeng in Beijing.

Good distancing here.

4. When eating lunch at work at ASUS Computers in Taipei.

Partitions around every seat.


5. When attending Yangzheng Primary School In Hangzhou.

The students were given social distancing hats so they could see and feel the correct spacing.

6. When walking down these Birmingham streets.

Kings Heath and Erdington High Streets now have more space for walking.

7. When sitting outdoors at this restaurant in Germany.

Everyone gets pool-noodle hats.

8. When commuting on the Eurostar.

Stand behind the yellow line and two metres apart for safety.

Lots have changed from just a year ago, but by keeping the proper amount of distance from each other, we’ll be able to reduce our likelihood of infection. Think of it this way–keeping your distance may not protect yourself, but you’re protecting others. That’s the best way to look at this uncomfortable situation.

What do you think about social distancing? Let us know in the comments.