How ‘The Simpsons’ Predicted Murder Hornets

Image Credit: Twitter

If you’ve been a fan of the long-running Simpsons tv show, then you’ve probably noticed that, in their 30 years on the air, they’ve predicted a wild amount of cultural events with pretty good accuracy.

They seem to have nailed everything from September 11 to the Higgs Boson to the economic collapse of Greece, but nothing can compare to how they predicted everything about 2020 so far.

In 1993, an episode called Marge in Chains aired, in which there’s a pandemic, everyone is quarantined at home, and people are ignoring social distancing protocols while they scream for an immediate cure.


And now, one eagle-eyed viewer has also realized that the writers predicted murder hornets, too.

“Shit the simpsons really did predict 2020. It turns out, as that inevitable Springfield mob descended on Doctor Hibert, they mistake a box of killer bees for a case of placebos. The rest is history.”

The tweet and the prediction even surprised Bill Oakley, one of the show’s writers, who was forced to admit that perhaps they do have a crystal ball after all.

So…I’m off to obsessively watch The Simpsons so we can figure out when we get a vaccine and this all ends.

If there was a prediction about the presidential election or the slow and messy decline of America, I’d be all about that, too.

I wasn’t a Boy Scout and I don’t agree with their politics but being prepared seems like an especially good mantra at the moment.

Be safe out there, friends, and if you live in an area with murder hornets, may the odds be ever in your favor.