How This Woman’s “Inappropriate” Voicemail Greeting Cost Her A Job

Anyone who has ever had to hunt for a job (so, pretty much everyone) can tell you that the actual process of writing a resume and finding open positions, then applying and going through the interview process, is a total slog.

There are so many people out there doing the same thing, and no real way to know what employers are looking for when they start digging into piles of applicants.

Which makes it all the harder to swallow when you’re denied a position for a reason that seems arbitrary at best (and possibly racist at worst).

Image Credit: TikTok

TikToker Zanaya Jones shared her story about being contacted with a “no thanks” by a hiring manager on the video platform, and I’ve gotta say…not being hired because they didn’t approve of your outgoing voicemail recording is a new (and insulting) low.

The message from the hiring manager went like this:

“Yes Miss Jones, I recommend if you apply for a job and you expect somebody to call you that you have a more appropriate response on your voicemail. So thank you for calling and no need to give us a call back.”

I’m sure she was a little taken aback, and she probably even went and listened to her own outgoing message again to refresh her memory.

Image Credit: TikTok

If she did, she was probably confused as to the problem when she did, because it’s simply this:

“Wassup, wassup, wassup! It’s your girl Zanaya. I’m sorry I couldn’t answer the phone. Please leave your name and number, and you know, all that.”


I’m not sure whether this guy normally has a stick up his a$$ or if he was just having a bad day when he called Zanaya back, but this was pretty inappropriate.


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Not only was her greeting fine – it’s her personal voicemail, not a work number – but he has no idea if she would be a good fit for the job or not based on what it says.

How would you have responded to this affront? I suppose there’s nothing we could really do but it’s nice to dream!