How to Crochet Your Very Own Joe Exotic from ‘Tiger King’

Pretty much everyone is obsessed with Netflix’s bizarre documentary, Tiger King, and it’s star, Joe Exotic.

Obsessed, of course, could mean many different things – most of us are like, stunned that those are actual human beings who exist – but some folks out there just really can’t get enough details, background, memes, pictures, whatever, of Joe and his batsh*t world.

If that last sentence describes you at all, I’ve got good news – your obsession and love can continue right into your own home with a crocheted version of Joe Exotic. Truly.

And I mean a really good one, with the mullet and the dangling eyebrow ring and everything. This Etsy pattern has it all (including a tiny tiger at his side).

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Here kitty, kitty 🐯 The exotic Tiger Man pattern is up in my Etsy and Ravelry shop so now you have something wholesome to do while you quarantine. You’re welcome.🐅 #craftyiscool #joeexotic #tigerking #allisonhoffman #socialdistancingcrafts #amigurumidoll #linkinbio

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The pattern was created by Allison Hoffman, the proprietor of Crafty Is Cool, who clearly spent many hours watching this mad tiger world go down, jaw agape, as the rest of us did.

If you’re worried that your crochet skills aren’t up to the challenge, Hoffman promises the pattern is simple enough for anyone to bring Joe and his identifiable style to life.

“The Oklahoman measures 12.5″ and the tiger cub sits at 3.25″ tall. This pattern is 21 pages long and includes 57 photos. It has lots of details so beginners might like the challenge, intermediates might breeze through, and advanced crocheters will laugh at its simplicity.”

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A gun-toting, mullet-sporting, tiger-tackling, gay polygamist. That’s my next project. We need some levity around here! #craftyiscool #amigurumi #amiguruME #allisonhoffman #tigerking #joeexotic

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The instructions also include a materials list and a full list of yarns with links, so ordering them online should be simple, too, and the whole kit and kaboodle is only $7.

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Who is more majestic? 🤔 The tiger or The Tiger King? Still working on this… 🐅👑 #joeexotic #craftyiscool #amigurumi

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I’m going to need all of you crocheters out there to get on this right away.

For one thing, I know you don’t have anything else to do. For another…you know you want to.

What the world needs right now are just a few more (tiny) Joe Exotics.