How To Properly Pick Up A Duck, According To The Internet

Listen, I am a person who passes along information. It doesn’t matter how irrelevant that information might be to my life (or yours) on this day, because you honestly never know when you’re going to be faced with a totally novel scenario and wish that you knew exactly how to handle it.

For example, one day you might be faced with a troublesome (or injured or just plain lazy) duck that needs to be picked up safely and ferried from one place to another.

And while there are a good many people out there who are well-versed in handling other fowl, like chicken, I doubt it’s exactly the same.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

This knowledge is being brought to you by the adorable, marathon-running American Pekin duck Wrinkle and his handlers Justin and Joyce.

On their social media, they addressed some challenges in picking up ducks, how to avoid them, and what sort of thank yous you can expect from grateful fowl in the future.

First, if you chase a duck it will run away, and you will not be able to pick it up. They recommend getting in front of the duck and, when it stops, introducing yourself and letting it know your intentions.

Then, gently lift it using one hand.

Seems simple, right?

This video makes is seem even easier, but I’m not sure I’m convinced just yet.

Someone requested an instructional video on how to then put down a duck, and so they helpfully made one on how to un-pickup a duck.


Reply to @fresha248 hope this helps! #duck #education #howto #foryou 🦢

♬ original sound – Wrinkle the Duck

I think I could handle that.

These are obviously tongue-in-cheek, and wild ducks are known to be a bit hostile toward being handled, so obviously, proceed with care.

Have you picked up a duck? Did these videos help? Let us know in the comments!