How to Remove Those Annoying Default Apps From Your Phone

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Don’t you hate when you get in the mood to tidy and something gets in your way? For me, that goes for my phone, too, and when I want to put everything into neat little folders and trim all of the fat, I get so frustrated when there are apps I never use but can’t delete, because they’re put there by default.

If that bugs you, too, just wait – we’ve got answers on how you can finally erase them for good.

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The apps we’re referring to are called bloatware, and are often installed by the app’s manufacturer to push their own goods and services.

Removing the apps can help you avoid having extraneous apps, or apps that do double duty, but also will free up storage space and improve your phone’s performance. For most of them, you’ll be able to choose between deleting and disabling the apps.

If you go into your phone’s settings and then click on each individual app, you should have the option to delete or disable the app. If the app doesn’t have this option, it may be one of those that are essential to let your phone run properly, in which case, you’re out of luck.

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If you think you might need the app in the future, or wonder whether it will impact your phone in ways you don’t expect, disabling is the way to go.

If you want to delete apps that don’t officially give you the option you can – it’s called rooting, and you should be able to find step-by-step instructions – but just know that you might void the warranty on your phone.

We don’t want to link anything here because the process will be specific to your device, and you’ll want to make yourself aware of all of the specific consequences if you decide to go ahead.

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So get out there and get tidying people, and remember – you can always just make yourself a “junk” folder and hide it on an extra page.

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