How Will the Tumultuous Year of 2020 Be Remembered in 50 Years? People Responded.

I think all of us can agree that 2020 was a pretty awful year.

An unforeseen health crisis has made pretty much the entire world stop, protests and riots are disrupting major cities, and we are more politically divided than we’ve ever been.

So how will people explain that tumultuous year to their kids and grandkids in 50 years?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Some things to consider.

“I hope we can tell them stories of an ancient culture of people who loathed other people for how they looked. The beginning may be an angering story of race wars and police brutality but hopefully the end will be how goodness prevailed and people started loving other people.

Treating fellow humans with respect no matter how different they looked.

This is the story I want to tell my grandkids.”

2. Upside down.

“It was the year of fire…

…the year of destruction…

…the year we took back what was ours.

It was the year of rebirth…

…the year of great sadness…

…the year of pain…

…and a year of joy.

It was…a new age.

It was the end of history.

It was the year everything changed.”

3. TP party tonight!


So there was this time in 2020 where the humans got so panicked about a virus in China spreading that they stole all the TP.

I saw opportunity and created the Toiletpaperinator that would ration the amount of TP used. Of course there were a few minor issues with it and ended up throwing a TP party instead.”

4. Write it down.

“I’ll be long dead by then. But maybe i’ll write them a letter explaining how I was blamed for a lot of it by being a boomer, even though I was a democrat and liberal. And how I voted every time I could and to the best candidate I could.

And that I was truly frustrated and angered in (and before) 2020 by what seems to be the U.S. turning into a country that denies basic common sense, science and logic.

Then I would warn them that it’s their turn to try to make things better, but warn them that every generation blames the one before.”

5. F’d up.

“The whole year was f**ked up. Even the first half. Instead of my dreams coming true, my nightmares came true instead.

January: WW3 almost breaks out, Kobe and Gigi d**, and the Australian bushfires.

February: Mr. Peanut d**s, but it was still arguably the chillest month of 2020.

March: Pandemic, all sports cancelled, toilet paper shortage, and our livelihoods get taken away.

April: UFO sightings, peak of lockdown and corona deaths.

May (the scariest one yet): M**der Hornets, Florian loses his battle with cancer, Brian May has a heart attack, parallel universe, George Lloyd protests, riots, racism, and SpaceX.

June: Ebola?”

6. Listen here, sonny!

“I survived Coronavirus, M**der Hornets, flying snakes and spiders… AND YOUR COMPLAINING ABOUT A BOY?!

Be quiet and get over it.”

7. Dreams.

“Hopefully that it was the year racism was truly stamped out and no longer tolerated in positions of authority.

You can dream.”

8. Sounds pretty accurate.

“2020: Trump and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year.

Everyone is mean to him and out to get him and he refuses to take any responsibility.”

9. That’s kind of creepy.

“Oh we don’t call it that anymore.

It’s the year 0 of our Lord and Supreme Emperor X-Æ-12.”

10. To space and beyond.

“The first American made rocket, with American astronauts launched from America in 30 yrs from a private company paving way to private space flight and colonization.”

11. Learn about history, people.

“Nothing that they will remember.

If people didn’t remember 1918, flu virus, california race riots, history, then they sure aren’t going to remember 2020. Like do you even what happened 10, 20 years ago, let alone 50 years.

Don’t waste your time.”

12. A rap.

“Now this is a story all about how

Our lives got flipped, turned upside down

And I’d like to take a moment

Just pour me some Hennie

And I’ll tell you what happened in the year 2020

In January most of Australia was razed

Soleimani and Kobe, well, they’ve seen better days,

World leaders out clashing, saber rattling, grandstanding,

People anticipating parachuting and nuking

When a little coronavirus, straight outa exotic food

Started making people feel not so good

Then virus spread further, sweat dripped down many a dome

So everybody nonessential had to say “home sweet home!”

So people were cooped up, day after day

with panic and hysteria rising along the way

Everybody panic buying to fill their pantries and cabinets

Gougers n’ scammers saw it as a time to line their pockets

While politicians went “it ain’t that bad”

“Get back to work and off your a**”

Can you how they themselves were responding?

Blaming others and insider trading

It was a horrid year I wish could forget

But it could get worse than that, you bet?

We’ve just started, I’ve still stories a plenty

About what happened in the year 2020.”

13. Here’s the story.

“Son, have i ever told you why i appreciate the outdoors so much, and why you should too?

Dad, you’ve told me this a thousan-

Well I’ll tell you. Back in the year 2020, there was a global pandemic, everyone had to stay inside, I’d be inside for up to a week at a time!

Da, can we go inside for fu-

This lockdown, it went on for a few months, people couldn’t see each other the same way we are now.

Dad, can i at least go put my robot arm on charge, i got it off wish, it’s a hunk of shi-

Fresh air for some people was un-heard of for a time.

Can we talk about ANYTHING ELSE?!

Alright alright! Christ child you have no patience. So before we had implantable air filters, we wore these white face masks, to keep the virus away, but only when we went outs-

son’s eyes roll back and he spasms finally, my cy-uber is here, bye dad!

Wife: shouts gender neutral pet name dinner’s ready!

Alright I’m on my way!

Pulls pully cord from hip, drives inside with tracks for legs.”

14. I hope so!

“It started out so terribly but we learned from a lot of our mistakes for once and made some progress in the world.”

15. See the light.

“That humanity can achieve great things even during the worst of times.

See the SpaceX launch.

Light up the darkness.”

16. Where to start?

“Between the bushfires and the ‘rona and the riots and the SpaceX?

And what’s gonna happen this month, where do we start?”

17. Don’t say a word.

“We’re not gonna talk about this. We’ll be like that grandpa or grand uncle we all had who wouldn’t talk about what happened during the war.

The one who’d always be quiet.. looked frail but had this vibe that he’d seen some s**t and is not one to f**k with and is definitely not one you’d want to bump up against in a dark alley.”

18. Let’s get deeeeeeep.

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity.

It was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair…”

19. Skip over that year.

“What are you talking about, sweet sweet grandchild?

The calendar went straight from 2019 to 2021! (⊙﹏⊙).”

20. Don’t mess with me.

“I stare at my kids/grandkids motherf**kerly Samuel L Jackson style and tell them

Ask me this again and I oughta beat yo a**.”

21. Just like that.

“Imagine, if you will, a race car catching fire before the person says ‘start your engines’….yeah, it was a s**tty time to say the least.”

22. Well, there’s this…

“The first rule of 2020?

You don’t talk about 2020.”

23. Fixed it!

“A bunch of celebrities singing “Imagine” made everything okay.

Dont you remember?”

24. The year was 2020…

“You know how Grandpa’s hands are like sandpaper?

Well it all started because a guy ate a bat…or something like that…”

25. A real hero.

“When I was your age I saved the world…

By doing what?

Absolutely nothing. Staying home, eating and masturbating.”

26. Ugh…not cool…

“Sure the world was rendered all-but-uninhabitable.

But there was a shining moment when stockholders really gained value on their shares!”

27. Totally awful.

“It was awful I ran out of oreos on the first day and then couldn’t go to the store to buy more so I had to wait an entire week.

Absolute bulls**t.

Oh, ya the world was shut down and almost in complete flames. Almost forgot about that.”

28. Oh, boy…

“There were so many distractions that almost no one noticed the death of privacy and the beginning of the absolute and final end of western freedom as it had been known for a little over 200 short years.

There was such a bitter sweet taste left in the mouth of many of those who had been privileged enough to have lived the experience.

It took that bitter taste of boot heel in the face and blood to realize suddenly what had been lost. It all seems so clear now. The weight of it all.

So clearly defined looking back on it now with the smoke cleared and confusion fading into a new reality.

So much lost.”

29. You might be right.

“2020 was the year when all the duct tape/bandaid/wd40 fixes that were in place, finally gave out.

It was time to rebuild from scratch.”

30. World on fire.

“Australia was burning, the smoke from this was seen on the other side of the world, Australia flooded, there were sharks in the streets. Some guy ate a bat, a deadly virus swept the world, millions d**d, the world got shut down, people lost their jobs, we weren’t allowed to go outside except for the essentials.

Space X sent astronauts to the ISS, being the first privately owned company to do so, after Elon Musk named his child X æA -Xii, after it was initially named X æA-12.

The Prime Minister of New Zealand was interrupted mid interview by an earthquake. The Olympics were cancelled. We had no organized sport to distract us from everything, marble racing took off as a legitimate form of entertainment.

America’s presidential race was between two men with a history of s**ual a**ault, and America was teetering on the edge of their second civil war.

“Wow grandpa, that sounds like a tough year”

Yeah, now let me tell your about the second half of it…”

31. Let’s hope not…

“When I was your age, I survived the bloody apocalypse!

Stop whining and eat your peas!”

How will you explain 2020 to people in the future?

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