How Would You Quit Your Job if You Won the Lottery? Here’s What People Said.

It’s something we all dream about

What would you do if you won the lottery?

And how would you spend all that money?

And…how would you quit your job?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts…let’s take a look.

1. There you go!

“Classic Office Space move…

Just don’t go anymore and see how long it takes them to fire you.”

2. Don’t waste it!

“I have over 500 hours of vacation time & 400 hours of sick time.

I’ll quit when all of those hours are used.”

3. See you later.

“I’ll have my resignation letter in my email drafts.

Then I’ll wait till there’s a Zoom meeting and as soon as my boss said something I don’t like.

I’ll send the email then close my laptop and go home.”

4. Let’s turn it around.

“Buy the business and tell nobody. I would keep working the same position.

Then b**ch about company policy with my colleagues to get an atmosphere on how to change the business for the better.”

5. That’s nice.

“I’d give a 3 week notice. They’ve been good to me.

Hell I’d throw in the time it takes to find a replacement for how awesome they treat me, and knowing how difficult it is to find a proper replacement.”

6. Yes!

“If I won the lotto big time I would hire actors and a helicopter. Towards the end of my shift I would have a helicopter land in our parking lot.

Wind blowing everything in sight, rotors blasting noise that the whole warehouse hears. Obviously we go outside to check it out. Once the dust clears and the rotors die down. 3 individuals step out all wearing black. Two of which are hot ladies in military jumpsuits looking like movie stars.

The last one is a Nick Fury type. Trench coat, eye patch, and stone cold face that makes you look away. All 3 walk toward us. It’s revealed to my co-worker’s that they are seeking me and it’s an emergency. I step to the front, walk towards Fury.

Me: How did you find me?

Fury: Come on agent Jack. You’d think we’ll let our best agent go and not know about his whereabouts? I do have to confess. It was a b**ch trying to find you but nothing our agency can’t do.

Me: What do you want?

Fury: Remember Dr. Xavier? Well his daughter has been kidnapped by the black order. We both know what that means.

Me: I told you. I put that life behind me. I’ve paid my dues. Send in someone else. *turns around and walks away *

Fury: We did and he needs your help too. Your partner is stuck behind enemy lines.

Me: *stops and turns around * Agent Johnson?. . .

Fury: We don’t have time to waste.

Then all four of us board the helicopter and fly away as I look down on all my jaw dropped coworkers.

The end.”

7. Push it to the limit.

“I don’t quit, I slowly ramp up the insubordination and see how far I can push it before they fire me.

So much fun to be had.”

8.  Put on a show.

“A large choreographed musical number based loosely around the song “Take this job and shove it”.

I’m talking dancers, confetti cannons, the works. The dancers would be cowboy themed strippers both male and female and id have an extra large sheet cake that has my letter of resignation printed on it.

All of this would go down during semiannual lead meeting. All of this professionally filmed for posterity.”

9. Good luck!

“I’ve prepared for this moment.

I have a 100 page training document for my replacement all typed up and ready.

I’ve had a lot of downtime and fantasize about quitting every day.”

10. It depends…

“I would probably hang on for a while longer just to help make a smooth transition out of respect.

My last job? I’d probably walk right in the CEO’s office and drop a deuce on his desk.”

11. Out of there.


No announcement, no fanfare.

Just a note to HR and I am gone.”

12. Here’s the plan.

“Not right away.

Figure out the taxes, set that aside, and invest the rest. Wait a year. Pay off greedy old Uncle Sam, see how much the investments made, and if it’s living money, quit my job on the spot.

Give zero reason why, I don’t have to.”

What would you do if you won the lottery?

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