If Aliens Invaded Earth, These 15 Things Could Be Tough to Explain

Imagining what might be the hardest thing for an alien species to understand about Earth is kind of tough, because we don’t know what sort of aliens might eventually find us. They could be sort of like humans, or they could be like Jabba the Hut, right?

All I know is that Jerry Seinfeld was probably right – if they see a human picking up a dog’s poop, they’re probably going to assume the dogs are in charge.

Here are 15 other things that could be tough to explain to a non-Earthling, should the time ever come.

15. It’s hard to explain things you don’t understand yourself.

That there is a quite large group of people who believe the earth is flat

14. Yeah, this is weird when you think about it.

Imaging explaining…Grass.

I mean think about it. We cultivate these tiny blades of green and try to cover our little section of Earth with it. We care for it. We water it. We groom it. We want it everywhere if possible. There are even a variety of different types. They’ll probably think it controls us, not the other way around.

Plus, don’t get me started on the fact that grass can also mean something else that can cause psychedelic effects. Now that will throw a dizzy at them.

13. Because Italians, obviously.

why the word bologna sounds like baloney

12. We just really like our food, okay?

Probably which foods to eat warm, which to freeze and which to eat room temperature. And why do we have so many food related machines.

11. Let’s hope they don’t. *shudder*

Tentacle hentai. Especially if they too have tentacles.

Earth’s first intergalactic incident: “That is NOT the proper use of a tool appendage!”

10. This will just never make sense.

How we park in the driveway and drive in the parkway.

9. We are creatures of comfort, clearly.

That we have the whole world to explore yet stay inside in our 10ft square room and sit on our beds.

8. Star Trek is the best.

Why we sometimes treat each other like crap because of the color of our skin.

There was a Star Trek episode that covered this by having aliens that were half black and half white, split vertically on their body. They fought with each other based on if they were left/right or right/left white/black. The absurdity of using race to judge people was clear.

7. It should be funny but it’s not.

How eating a slightly uncooked bat killed 500k+ people.

And how large numbers of people, when presented with a method to help minimize the spread of the death-causing ailment, decided to not do it because they felt a tiny aspect of their largely theoretical liberty was more important than the health of the human race.

6. Explaining humans is painful.

It’s normal to make choices that hurt a majority as long as it benefits you

5. I mean, could you explain it to me?


4. Et al.

The Kardashians. Haha!

“Teach us about your civilization.

Yeah right, so… there’s this family, errrm… and they’re rich… the TV… Know what ?

Screw it, I’ll teach you about quantum mechanics.”

3. And why we keep on with it.


And all the bad things that come with it.

2. They probably couldn’t fathom not believing in the science that brought them here.

Why a certain percentage of human beings choose to believe YouTube videos, memes, and conspiracy theories, rather than science and facts.

1. I actually think that’s funny no matter what you are.

Anyway, I think it would be hard to explain that people release foul gas from their b*ttholes and then proudly laugh when people say it smells awful.

God we’re weird.

I think it will happen, eventually, but whether humans will be around to witness the coming of aliens is another story.

If you think there’s something else that belongs on this list, tell us in the comments!