If Social Media Was Around in Your Childhood, What Embarrassing Moment Would You Be Famous for? Here’s What People Said.

I’ve said this over and over to my friends that I grew up with, but I get on my knees and say a special prayer every night that Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok wasn’t around when we were young…especially during our high school years.

Not that we did anything THAT terrible, but we were young and stupid and did a lot of, ahem, inappropriate things that I’m glad weren’t captured on video.

So, friends, what embarrassing moments would be on display if social media was around when you were growing up?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say.

1. Very sensual…

“In 5th grade I was in a school musical production where in one song I was the “boogie woogie reindeer”.

During the song I was supposed to dance. Well, my mom had just showed me the movie Coyote Ugly, so I thought the best course of action was to dance like the girls in that movie.

I’m sure there’s still a home video out there of the 5th grade boy dancing like a stripper…”

2. Disgusting.

“Pooping on the floor between arcade games at age seven so I wouldn’t lose my place in line to play “Gauntlet.”

I lost my place in line.”

3. Time to go home.

“Was in choir and had an upset stomach, so was laying down while everyone else was practicing.

Adults thought I was faking it so made me get up and sing with everyone. A few minutes later I puked all over another kid.

They let me go home after that.”

4. Sorry, sir.

“I was at the airport.

Hadn’t seen my dad since I got back. Saw a guy with a blazer like my dad’s. Jumped onto this random stranger’s back as he’s looking for his luggage.

He must’ve been so confused!”

5. Down and dirty.

“Singing the entirety of Boys II Men’s “I’ll Make Love To You” on my 8th birthday to my parents, aunt & uncle, and both sets of grandparents…one of which is VERY religious.


6. Sounds painful.

“I was 7 years old and my parents were hosting a family and friends gathering at home. I mostly stayed out of the way and played video games in the living room and adults would ask me what I was playing and whatever. It was nice.

A few hours into the party I wanted some soda. I go to the fridge and see one of those little ice breaking hammers and proceed to stick my tongue to it like the cartoons did to have a laugh. I pulled it off immediately and there was blood everywhere.

I ran out crying with my bloody tongue out to the absolute horror of every single adult. Now, you’d think this would be the viral moment, but no.

A family friend that was a Doctor was there and he came over to me, saw my tongue and told me “It’s fine, I just need you to spit out some blood so I can get a better look.”

I proceeded to spit my mouthful of blood just straight to his face. Every single person that saw it lost their sh*t laughing. Even the doctor.”

7. Hahahaha.

“I (14M at the time) was at my sister’s hockey banquet.

300 girls (babes) in attendance. As the speaker approached the podium (Don Cherry for you hockey fans), I was leaning back on my chair. Indeed I leaned too far.

I began to fall back on the chair and grabbed the table cloth to hang on to. I ended up pulling the entire KFC food party banquet food onto my head and lap, gravy included.

My elbows also hit the piano keys behind me, making a massive B flat note throughout the gymnasium. When Mr Cherry got to the microphone he said “thank you Maestro’. I died a little that day.”

8. Nice and clean.

“I was around 8 or so and my first time seeing a men’s urinal inside a Mcdonald’s restroom.

I thought to myself, “what a weird sink” and proceeded to wash my hands on it by literally smearing my hands on the surface of the urinal where the water flows. Got back to our table and told my mom about it.

I don’t know it was possible for someone to gasp, laugh, cry, and be embarrassed at the same time. I’m pretty sure other people from surrounding tables overheard it. Social media wasn’t really used back then, Facebook’s still on its early stages.”

9. Like a movie.

“Was in a shopping mall when I heard someone say my name (at least it sounded like my name).

I looked up from my phone to see this pretty girl walking towards me with outstretched arms and a smile. She looked so familiar, like someone I knew from my high school, so of course my dumb, nearsighted self, who didn’t want to second guess his good fortune, opened his arms wide to receive and reciprocate the hug.

She side-stepped around me neatly like a ballerina-ninja and delivered the hug to it’s rightful owner who was right behind me in my blind spot, leaving me fumbling to play off the most embarrassing moment of my life.

I still cringe when I think about this.”

10. Embarrassed.

“The time I got my period at 11 and someone pointed out blood on my skirt.

I went to the bathroom to see what was happening and ran out screaming that I was dying.

Everyone saw.”

11. Everyone saw that.

“Walking onto the mud after they half drained the Lynn River.

I fell up to my armpits in mud and had to be rescued by the fire dept.

By the time the firefighters got me out there must have been 50 – 100 people standing around watching my dumb *ss get pulled from the mud.”

12. You should burn them.

“My friend and I used to choreograph dances for various songs (‘Barbie Girl’ being one of our best) and record it on her dad’s video camera.

I hope to God no one ever finds those tapes..”

Now it’s your turn.

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