If Stores Sold Superpowers, What Could You Buy From the Discount Bin?


Hey, superheroes need to shop in the discount bin, too…

It can’t all be flying, super strength, and the ability to disappear, right?

Folks were presented with this unusual question:

“If Stores Sold Superpowers, What Could You Buy From the Discount Bin?”

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Wouldn’t that be something?

“Discount huh?

I’m imagining this amazing superpower that used to be super cool but is now hardly sold anymore.

“Automatically unscratch the surface of any old dvd or cd you touch” – Now with free set of dvds!”

2. A lot of people would like this.

“Grow your hair as fast as you want.

“Hmm time for a haircut. Might as well get my money’s worth”

Grows hair a mile long.”

3. Where am I now?

“You can teleport anywhere but it’s randomized.

99.9999999999% chance of death if you include the universe.

Hell, even on earth you could end up in the sky, underground or underwater.”

4. Might come in handy…

“Chill a beer by holding it.

No other freezing or cooling related powers.

And it only works on beer.”

5. Use it wisely.

“Heat vision, but it only gets hot enough to warm up your coffee.

Could get a job as a barista.”

6. This is HUGE.

“The ability to automatically agree on where to eat with my spouse.”

7. It is what it is.

“Invisibility but every meter of movement makes you fart.

This is an added bonus! Go invisible, run through a crowd, and watch the hilarity!”

8. A lot of thought went into this.

“Being able to float 1 inch but you can’t move around, not needing a remote to change the volume(just the volume, you still need it for everything else).

Turning your finger into a tiny vacuum to clean small crevices, being able to tell what someone’s emotion is but you don’t know why, good reflexes, Bluetooth connection to your phone so you can hear the music but no one else can and you don’t need headphones.”

9. Couch Woman!

“The amazing ability to turn into a couch!”

10. Useless!

“Walk through walls but fall through floors/ground when you do.

Run really fast but you get tired over a normal distance.

Turn into any animal you want, but permanently.”

11. Interested in any of these?

“You can turn invisible but you won’t be able to see anything either

You can run super fast but you slowly burn (friction)

You can fly but the g-force and lack of oxygen always catchup to you

You can teleport but every time you do so a little bit of your body is left behind.”

12. What the?!?!


But it’s limited to 3 pounds and the object hovers a half inch above your palm.”

13. This is gonna get weird.

“The ability to elongate one part of your body, but you can’t choose which part.

Say hello to One Tube-shaped Eyeball Man!”

14. All this good stuff.

“10% invisibility, you are just slightly transparent

mood ring, your skin changes color based on your mood

ant command, the power to have a single ant do your bidding

superhyerpercondria, detect every microorganism on every surface all the time

fartparade, instead of being invisible, your farts come out as brightly colored gasses

allergy medusa, anyone who looks at you will sneeze uncontrollably as long as they can see you

midas’ pudding, every liquid you touch gets transformed into banana pudding

sandwhichsense, know exactly when and what kind of sandwich someone has most recently eaten

cat facts, infinite knowledge about the universe, but only topics about cats

megaphone, your voice is permanently as loud as a jet engine.”

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