If Video Games Like ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Cause Violence, What Problems Do Other Popular Games Cause?

We all know that video games and other forms of pop culture get blamed for all kinds of negative things in life.

Music, movies, and video games take a lot of the brunt when it comes to society’s ills…maybe because the people in charge don’t actually want to deal with any real issues…

The question posed to people was: If games like Grand Theft Auto cause violence and the board game Monopoly causes Capitalist exploitation, what problems do other popular games cause?

AskReddit users got a little silly with this interesting question.

1. Poor planning.

“Sim City causes poor town planning.”

Photo Credit: Rock Paper Shotgun

2. That’s not good.

“Rubik’s Cube causes segregation.”

3. Get your lawyers ready.

“Operation causes malpractice suits.

And it promotes unlicensed surgery.”

4. Not a pretty picture.

“Pac-man causes obesity.”

5. It needs to be banned!

“Clue causes party murders.”

6. Both very true.

“Clash of Clans causes gang wars and raids.

Eve Online causes space wars.”

7. And it’s the only thing that causes it!

“Fallout New Vegas causes gambling.”

Photo Credit: Steam

8. It sure does…

“Twister makes friendships weird.”

9. Magic mushrooms.

“Mario Bros. encourages drug use.”

10. Hmmmmm…

“Skyrim caused me to lollygag and steal a lot of cheese.”

Photo Credit: YouTube

11. A great game!

“Leisure Suit Larry destroys marriages.”

12. Oh, great…

“Plague Inc. caused Covid 19.”

13. The hunt is on.

“Red Dead Redemption caused me to hunt down my former friends for the US Government.”

14. Not cool.

“Guess Who causes racial profiling.”

15. You know it!

“Spin the Bottle causes teenage pregnancy.”

16. Yes, it does.

“Mario Kart causes road rage!”

Photo Credit: US Gamer

17. Oh, boy…

“Cards Against Humanity causes Florida to exist.”

18. Sad, but true.

“The amount of public executions I’ve taken part in, I can only blame my childhood love of Hangman.”

19. Nobody wants that.

“League of Legends causes sodium overdoses.

Oh wait this is fake world oops.”

Photo Credit: YouTube

20. It worked!

“Tried Ace Attorney.

I am now wildly successful defense attorney.

Can’t stop making large sums of money, please send help.”

21. Be very careful…

“Candy Crush causes diabetes.”

22. Ouch!

“Dungeons & Dragons causes virginity.”

23. In debt.

“The Game of Life causes crippling debt.”

24. Boooooo!

“Minecraft caused deforestation.”

Photo Credit: Polygon

25. These are all on-point.

“Minesweeper caused terrorism

Checkers caused cannibalism

Hungry Hungry Hippos caused obesity

Scrabble caused swearing

Minecraft caused dystopian societies.”

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