If You Could Stop Time for 20 Minutes a Day, What Would You Do With That Time? Here’s What People Said.

Let’s all be superheroes for a few minutes, shall we?

We shall!

We’re going to play a fun game called “If You Could Stop Time for 20 Minutes a Day, What Would You Do With That Time?”

This is gonna be fun! And…it’s nice to dream about a little bit of extra time since most of us are so darn busy day in and day out.

People on AskReddit talked about what they’d do…let’s see what they had to say.

1. Good plan.

“Whenever I’m in a heated argument, I’ll stop time to think of a good comeback.

If I can’t, just put something in the other person’s mouth and restart time.

Walk away from the chaos.”

2. Take it down a notch.

“Honestly the mornings can be kinda hectic in our house so I’d stop time to enjoy a cup of coffee in peace and quiet.”

3. Take advantage of it!

“As a tennis player I would stop time for milliseconds at a time allowing me to hit perfect shots.

After a couple of years I would perfect this art, slowly establishing myself as a top tier player. This would allow me to dominate tournaments like the U.S. Open, winning me millions in sponsorships and tournament winnings.

Decades later, while going down as the best player of all time, I would cement myself in history. My remaining years would be spent relaxing in exotic places with my supermodel wife.”

4. A little time to relax.

“Exercise, read, cook.

Basically any activity that takes up a huge part of my daily activity so I have more time to relax.”

5. Do I know you?

“Go to an amusement park and swap out children from families in close proximity.

Not to the point where the child becomes lost, but to the point where like 5 or 6 groups of people are looking at each other funny.”

6. Don’t worry about what they think.

“I’d go for a 20 minute jog in the neighborhood without the fear of neighbors seeing fat me trying to run.

Plus I wouldn’t have to worry about cars too I guess.”

7. Mess with ’em a little bit.

“I’d just wander through my neighbors houses and adjust their settings, hide their keys/phones/etc, disconnect their router and leave a suction cup dildo on the bathroom mirror.”

8. Awwwwwww.

“I’d go hug my grandma without her knowing.

Then 20 minutes would be over and she’d be there on her couch playing animal crossing like “I feel so loved right now for some reason!””

9. Quality time.

“Every day at 5:30.

So I could pick up my kid at school without traffic and be able to spend more time with him.”

10. Use it however you want to.

“Does it have to be all at once? If I could split it up, I would walk around the city and apply karma to people.

Litter? I’ll freeze time and throw it back at you.

Refuse to wear a mask? I’ll freeze time and draw a mask on your face with a sharpie.

Being a jerk to the cashier? That $20 in your pocket will find it’s way into the tip jar.”

11. Let it out.

“Scream extremely loudly without worrying about alarming people.

Because the way this year has been…I need me a fat healthy scream to let it all out.”

12. Fix them teeth!

“Go into my dentist office and apply a huge credit to my account so I could finally go and get my teeth fixed!

I wouldn’t even need to do it everyday, just once so I could get them fixed, not have to hurt every time I eat, or worry about another piece of tooth just fracturing away and I could honestly live a happy life for the rest of my life!”

13. People are gonna lose it.

“I;d remove things from people’s hand and place it in their other hand.

I’d swap people’s drinks with ketchup.

I’d flip the tag of everyone’s shirt in the room out.

I’d place things into people’s pockets. Notes that say “meet me at the usual place” and stuff.”

14. The good and the bad.

“20 minutes would be an insane amount of time to do things.

Arrange to visit someone who needs to go away, pause, kidnap, escape, success!

Want a new car, find what you want at a dealer, pause, drive car away and hide it somewhere nearby, change number plates, done.

If you pre-plan 20 minutes is huge! You could over turn governments over a series of weeks, steal millions, own whatever you want, escape almost any situation where death wasn’t certain (e.g falling).

You could be a super hero or villain.”

15. What now?

“I’d pause time without planning ahead.

I’d probably end up spending the whole 20 minutes trying to figure out what to do.”

Okay, folks, now we’d like to hear from you.

In the comments, tell us what YOU would do if you could stop time for 20 minutes every day.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!