If You Didn’t Know Chris Evans Had Tattoos… Welcome to the Party

There are already plenty of reasons to love Chris Evans, often one of the frontrunners in the “which Chris is the best Chris” debate. He’s funny, he’s handsome, we enjoy his acting, and yes, he plays Captain America.

That last bit may be why he’s never really advertised yet another reason to find him alluring – he’s got a fair number of tattoos.

Chris Evans (who it should be noted, is no longer Captain America, sigh) recently did an interview with his brother Scott for Ace Universe Comics.

The interview was super interesting in many ways, but no one can focus on anything except those tats we can see peeking out from under his white tee.

Take a look…

Image Credit: YouTube

It turns out that he has many tattoos, and people on Twitter are honestly not ok.

Like this woman, who really doesn’t know what else to say (not that anything is necessary).


This person just wants to know more (I can sympathize, I assure you).

Some dedicated followers of Evans’ Instagram account were already aware of this delicious fact, as he filmed himself backflipping into a pool last year.

Image Credit: Instagram


Image Credit: Instagram

Now we’re all on the same page and in the know, and I, for one, am glad.

This should be public knowledge, after all.

Whether you were already aware of this phenomenon or just clicked on the link to see the pictures again, welcome to the Chris Evans’ Fan Club.

The list is growing every day, and we always have room for one more.