If You Had One Billion Dollars, What Would You Still Not Buy? Here’s What People Said.

If I had ONE BILLION dollars, one thing I’d still never buy is a huge, soulless house with tons of rooms that just sit empty and I never go into.

No, sir!

I’d buy a nice, spacious house with a pool…and a bowling alley…but I wouldn’t go crazy like some folks with a ton of money do.

So now that we have that cleared up, here’s what people on AskReddit said they’d still never buy with all that cold, hard cash.

1. I hear you loud and clear.

“Anything sold by the Kardashians or Jenners.

Or Gwyneth Paltrow.”

2. Yup.

“A mansion.

No one needs 24 bedrooms and 48 toilets.”

3. No yachts.

“A mega yacht.

If the purpose of getting one is solely for enjoyment… Just rent it when you feel like going out?

It seems like most of them do it for tax reasons.”

4. Sounds pretty ridiculous.

“A Birkin Bag or similar designer item.

For those unfamiliar, it’s a handbag that costs as much as a car.”

5. Don’t need it.

“A private plane.

Yeah, it’s convenient for my new hobby of traveling, but first class is alright and just renting a jet for one or two flights is probably fun enough without the additional fees of keeping it and hiring a pilot.”

6. Good point.

“Anything until I sort out the mystery of how it got there.

I work at the bank, this sort of thing makes my anxiety go BRRR.”

7. Nope.

“I would NEVER buy one of those redonkulously expensive watches. Like those 200 thousand dollar fu**ers. Nope!

Might as well paint a target that says “rob me, all you have to do is pull it off my wrist.” That goes for expensive chains too.

I was at a UFC and this dude in line for a hot dog had a massively expensive looking chain and watch. The 2 dudes in front of me were talking about robbing him in the parking lot after the fights.

They were doing it in a joking way but still wouldn’t flaunt that s**t.”

8. Pick another one.

“A Tesla.

Not against electric, but there’s better options out there.”

9. You get the idea.

“Designer” clothes (Gucci, Versace, Balenciaga, etc), luxury cars (Maybach, Lamborghini, Ferrari, you get the idea), jewelry, diamonds, food covered in gold leaf, and expensive sunglasses.

Anything branded as luxury products. Not that I can afford these things these days, but I wouldn’t buy them even if I had the money.”

10. Ouch.

“YouTube Premium.

Eat s**t.”

11. Cursed.


I found a pair on the ground last year in the middle of nowhere. I still feel like I paid to much for them.

Like someone threw them away and I inherited a curse.”

12. Holding a grudge.

“Spending any money at TGI Fridays.

Afew workers took $200 out of my wallet after I left it there 2 days before Christmas a few years ago and nothing ever came out of it.

Since then I’ve refused to spend money there.”

What would you still not buy if you had unlimited cash?

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