If You Hate Watching Doggie Death Onscreen, This Website Has Your Back

Image Credit: Pixabay

I’m one of those people who goes out of my way not to subject myself to movies that focus on (or contain) violent animal death or treatment. It’s not that I have a problem with that being a part of someone’s story to tell – I just know me, and I can’t handle those themes.

Like, I’ve seen every Oscar nominated Best Picture for about a decade…except War Horse and one of the worst days of my life is when I was in the room when my fella turned on John Wick.

Image Credit: Does the Dog Die


So, you can imagine how thrilled I was to discover the website Does the Dog Die – they do all of your research for you, and tell you how and when any animals are harmed in a movie or television show, the time stamp so you can avoid just that part if you want, and a kind of gore rating as far as how graphic the violence is.

Does the Dog Die claims to be the place for “crowdsourced emotional spoilers for movies, tv, books, and more,” and now goes far beyond just advising on animal cruelty themes – they can let you know about other themes as well, like blood and gore, cancer, people getting hit by cars, spiders, tooth damage, etc.

Image Credit: Does the Dog Die

Basically, they’ve got your back on anything that you need a content warning for personally, any emotional triggers that make it hard for you to enjoy media.

If you have kids, this website also advises on curse words and sexual content, and other reasons for ratings of PG, PG-13, and R.

Image Credit: Does the Dog Die

The real world is crap at every turn, so sometimes we just need to make sure what we’re watching is sweet and fluffy.

At least, I do. And now I can.