If You Love Literature, These 10 Memes Are Just for You

I love books and reading – even most of the classics I was forced to read as a kid have become dear to me later in life. I read all of the time, and if I’m not, I’m wishing I had a new world to dive into.

Which is all to say that these 10 memes totally cracked me up, and if you love books and reading, I’m betting they’re going to do the same for you.

Also, there’s a lot of content from The Office and Parks and Rec, so if you don’t like all the literature stuff… you’re still gonna like that stuff.

10. Because men, am I right?

And she’s soooo pretttyyy.

9. I’m never going to stop laughing at this one.

It’s just too perfect.

8. Such a delicious villain.

Just like Dwight.

7. That’s what makes him a real teenager, though.

And also what makes him really dead in the end.

6. It’s best to prepare yourself up front.

The ending never changes, either, no matter how many times you read it.

5. When you put it that way…

It’s hard to see how this story has endured for so long.

4. Isn’t that what we all want?

Michael Scott is essentially King Lear.

3. Zero chill is part of Sherlock’s charm.

Unless you have to interact with him.

2. Poor guy had to learn the hard way.

And it took him a really long time.

1. Every single time.

I still love this book, though.

These are priceless! Maybe one day I will be so clever…

What are you reading right now? Tell me in the comments!