The Internet Has No Time for This Beggar, Who Also Wants to Be a Chooser

“Beggars can’t be choosers!”

You’ve surely heard this expression, which is usually, for some reason, said in a super chipper voice. Like, I’m going to give this to you for FREE so like, DON’T B*TCH about it!

Some people, of course, refuse to learn and abide by society’s rules, even after they get effectively and brilliantly shut down by someone who doesn’t have time for their bullhonky.

Like this person who contacted a crocheter on Instagram about a commission.

Things started badly when he/she gave the person a hard time for taking a vacation and not checking social media, but still, asked what he was looking for in a blanket.

He asked for a blanket made out of expensive fibers in a complicated stitch (of course).

She verified the size (huge) and promised to get back with a price.

Which is when the poop hit the fan, my friends.

He tried the “I can get it here for cheaper!” to no avail. Because fine?

He asked for a price breakdown, which she gave and that was totally reasonable (if you ask me).

She explains again how she reached this number, though if you asked me, she didn’t need to. But he NEEDS IT GUYS.

He tries the sick girlfriend schtick, which also flops, then tries telling her he deserves a friends and family discount bc it “took so long” for her to get back to him.

THEN he tries telling HER what he’s going to pay, which is LESS THAN THE YARN COSTS.

At which point she basically starts laughing in his face.

And totally messing with him for fun (which I 100% support).

Spot on use of Deadpool, y’all. Ryan Reynolds would approve.

He threatens to destroy her business. She doesn’t care.

She doesn’t have a business. She has an actual job and crochets for fun like a normal person who doesn’t put up with crap from random people on the internet.

And ends with an offer that’s double.

This thread is a thing of beauty my friends. It’s just…*chef’s kiss*

Have you ever dealt with someone like this? Did you give them the similar business? I certainly hope so!