If You Love Your Life, What Is Your Story? Here’s How People Responded.

No matter how bad your day, week, month, or year has been, it’s important to look in the mirror at the end of each day and say, “I’m lucky to be here and I’m gonna make the most of it!”

And that’s what leads to people appreciating and loving their lives.

Are you ready to hear from some people who definitely fall into this category?

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Time to finish it.

“Had a near-death experience where I remember my last thought not being able to finish my favourite tv series.

Made me realise that my bucket list wasn’t a complex sort of thing. It could range from something as simple as taking a diffrent route to the shop or just having the guts to actively start a conversation with my nwighbour of 11 years who I’ve never said anything beyond a hello to.

Or even just plain finishing what I started, nothing pleases more than just finishing something.”

2. All good things.

“Married my best friend.

Got into a career I was sort of passionate about, not my number one choice in the world but its good.

I plan out my weekends so I have things every week to look forward to. I have goals in my hobbies to work towards thats a huge one.

Always have something to work towards in your personal life. I am trying to make a dining room set with woodworking and want to eventually have most of the furniture and stuff in my house made by me.”

3. Met a redhead…

“Met a cute redhead whose personality is almost the exact opposite of mine (outgoing, bubbly, connects very well with all types of other people).

We became really good friends. We started dating about two years later. We got married about eight months after that.

We’ve had some struggles (mostly because of my own inability to communicate effectively), but we are very happy together now, over twenty years later.”

4. Congrats!

“I was addicted to h*roin and m*th and now I am not.

I have accomplished a bunch of stuff and generally just appreciate how happy and healthy I am now!”

5. The American Dream.

“Grew up in very poor farm in Pakistan.

Now, after immigrating to the US, I work a salaried job, graduated from University of Illinois, working on my Masters at Harvard to achieve my goal of becoming a scientist and keep living the American dream.

I know things are not great here in the US considering the climate, but I’m thankful to live here.”

6. You do you.

“Some people may disagree with my life choices here but im happy so here goes.

I live in the UK, and started working in a pub at 16 as a glass collector. I was studying cookery at college and quickly learned I didn’t want to just cook, i wanted to run the whole show.

My parents took on their own pub and since they did that I fell in love with the whole lifestyle.

I have no children and no partner, and i dont plan on changing that anytime soon. I am very close to having my own pub at 24 years old and i cannot wait.

I’m close to having my dream job before im 30, my own car, an awesome family, 3 beautiful dogs, and more money than i could have imagined at this age.

Lockdown 2.0 will prove a challenge but if we come through it ill be living the dream.”

7. It’s good to wait.

“Waited rather than settled.

Dumped a lot of okay guys, left a lot of okay (and not so okay) jobs, moved a lot, was lucky to have a baby when the time was finally right.

It’s taken a lot of tough decisions and hoping for more but it’s been worth waiting for.”

8. Keep it up.

“I’m 8 years sober.

I was drinking to self-medicate for my depression, so I didn’t really think I had an active addiction.

If I take my meds and don’t drink, every day I wake up is the best day of my life.”

9. The bright side.

“I’m depressed, I have a myriad of incurable physical and mental problems.

But god d*mmit, I get to see my favourite person every day, and I have a job that isn’t hard and pays relatively well for someone who doesn’t need to be self sufficient.

I  love my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

10. Been good for a long time.

“My life has been pretty awesome since I was 16 (I’m 40). It was pretty weird before that.

I’ve had a lot of good luck. At 16, some of the bad things left my life. My education improved. I married the right person. I managed to be moderately successful at something that fits my lifestyle (I’ve never not had enough money).

I’m self-employed. My kids are easy, intelligent and fun. I have lots of fun hobbies. I still have most of my friends from growing up and continually add new ones. And I’m sill close to my dad.

That’s pretty much it. I do actually pray every morning for peace for myself, my family, and others. And amazingly, I have a lot of peace in my life.”

11. Grateful.

“I grew up very poor.

I was homeless as a teen and struggled all through my 20s with mental health issues and creating stability. My kids have a middle-class upbringing and I’m so grateful to be able to give them that. I’m grateful for everything.

When it’s raining, I thank God for the roof over my head, heat in the winter, my bed at night. I’m not rich by any means but am so happy to be where I am.”

12. Worked hard to get here.

“I am a nurse and worked so many terrible jobs.

It was either long hours on my feet, not so many hours but lots of lifting and cleaning up people who sh*t themselves from their neck to their knees, to a Monday through Friday job with no lifting but a toxic work environment, to a great job with a two-hour commute one way.

I took a huge pay cut to work in a mental health facility for incarcerated patients. It is so chill and so rewarding. The patients are independent. I don’t have to lift them or bath them. I don’t have to deal with families. Or doctors. I spend a lot of time just hanging out and talking to them.

And some days when the techs are busy or we are short staffed, I’m the one who takes them outside for recreation time. I get to sit outside and watch them play basketball and make small talk. I work three days a week with five days off in a row. It’s like not having a job at all. Since my job isn’t physically demanding I have energy to do the things I enjoy on my days off.

I feel like I put up with a lot of bullsh*t to get to this place. Thankfully I handled my money well when I made more money, so being able to take a pay cut to work in a better work environment is just amazing.”

13. Mostly love it.

“I went from living with my mother who lives with addiction during my childhood (hating life), to marrying a guy after knowing him for 3 months at the age of 20 and we had a horrible, toxic relationship (SUPER hating life) and moving all around the country with…

To now: a 28 y/o divorcee with a super rewarding job (I work with people who are in recovery and who are homeless) and I am engaged to the best guy I have ever met. I am also back to the same state I grew up in, and I have all my amazing friends close by, and now we talk everyday.

I am still in awe I am just like “wow, you mean I don’t have to dread every moment of my life?!?” I used to pray that I could just turn back time and redo all the mistakes that I had made to end up so unhappy, but now, I am glad I f*cked the hell up.

I still have depression. But therapy and that lexapro life plus a great support system is honestly just gives me a happy f*cking life. I still struggle with my mom (she hasn’t been sober since I was 10) but that is mostly out of my control. So, yeah, mostly I love my life.”

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