If You Think Going to the Movies Alone Makes You Weird, You Might Just Be Insecure

I remember the first time I went to the movies alone, feeling a little awkward about it and like everyone was watching me and wondering why no one was along.

That was awhile ago, and after several years of maturity and many, many movies alone, I can honestly say two things – it’s one of my favorite things to do, and absolutely no one else is wondering why you’re there alone.

This Redditor agrees, and goes one step further, saying people who worry about it are actually insecure.

There’s no social stigma about going to the movies alone, you’re just insecure from unpopularopinion

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14. I wish this wasn’t so.

This seems pretty rampant.

I’ve seen people joke about how half of reddit can’t even verbally order a pizza over the phone and would starve if it weren’t for food order apps.

Hyperbole aside, I’ve known people like that.

Much of the time, it’s not dysfunction so much as maladaptation, most people have a basic insecurity as teens, but some people get coddled and carry it on into adulthood.

If they would just do it a few times, then they find out it’s not a big deal at all.

I get that some people have actual issues, but I think a lot that claim issues are just inexperienced to a fault, they get too caught up in their own headspace and build up this faux disorder as an excuse to not actually do things.

13. Sarcasm alert.

Try telling that to my local amc. I tried buying a single movie ticket and the lady laughed at me, turned around and pointed at the “no singles” policy.

They then proceeded to pull out a measuring tape and said you have to be 6’0 to enter the building.

12. It’s fun, even.

Oh yes can we boost this to the moon. IT IS OKAY TO DO THINGS ALONE.

11. Keep your opinions to yourself, sir.

I know you joke, but I really wanted to see Waterworld and no one wanted to see it, so I went myself and the kid (looked to be my age), just flat out said, “what’s wrong with you that you ain’t got no friends.”

10. Both are good!

onestly movies are great alone. No one to interrupt you, just the movie and your choice of snack.

Now, if I’m going with a SO or best friend sure that can be fun as well but there’s no good reason to not feel free to go to the movies alone.

9. It’s really a delight.

There is very little in life more satisfying and fun to me than going to a movie alone. I haven’t noticed any judgement about it, either.

I see plenty of other solo viewers.

8. People probably aren’t watching or thinking about you.

99% of people could not care less about when any random stranger is doing. When was the last time you actually noticed someone alone at a theater or alone in a restaurant? I can only ever recall a small handful of times myself.

You are definitely right, it’s all peoples insecurities making it seem like a big deal to be alone, when in reality most people actually enjoy a bit of alone time.

I love my nights alone when the gf is out of town ect, so fun to just treat myself to whatever I want to do or eat.

7. Literally no one cares.

I don’t see why anyone would notice or remember someone who was at the movies alone.

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen someone alone at the movies because I’m watching the movie not looking at the people in the seats.

6. Like-minded folks.

I have a local theater near me that mainly shows more indie/art films and most my friends aren’t interested in them. So I usually go there alone.

Real peaceful experience and the audience is usually quiet and respectful.

5. If you like it, you’re definitely not alone.

I used to work a cinema and you definitely notice your regulars and most of them do come alone. But like fuck, most of my hobbies are solo activities too. Gaming, comics, working out, s^x.

Also, when I worked at the cinema I would see movies by myself all the time. So did practically everyone else that worked there.

When you work social movie going hours, you have to go during the non social hours.

4. I hope one day there isn’t.

I had a high school teacher tell our entire class that he hoped we didn’t go to the movies alone because that would be “sad,” so there definitely is a social stigma around going to the movies alone.

I don’t know what percent of people are judgemental about people going to movies and restaurants alone, but I’ve heard it from other family members as well in regards to eating out alone as well.

3. All good points.

Same for me. I don’t even get why going to movies should be a group activity.

Heck, I’m an adult with a full time demanding job who has friends with full time demanding jobs. If by some miracle I can coordinate spending hours with a group of friends, I’m not wasting time in a place where we can’t talk.

2. Just do it.

This. I go to a restaurant where my grandparents used to take me every week, I go there maybe once a fortnight for the nostalgia.

No one has ever looked at me weird or said anything and why would they. Such paranoid nut jobs.

1. Do what you want.

Same goes for the “normalise this, normalise that” crowd. No there’s nothing to normalise, you’re just insecure.


I don’t know if they’re insecure, exactly, or it’s just a societal norm that hasn’t gone completely away.

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