If You Time-Traveled to Year Zero, What Object Would You Bring to Blow Minds? Here’s What People Said.

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Are you ready to have some fun!

I know I am!

Ever since I saw Back to the Future when I was a kid I’ve been obsessed with time travel.

What would I do? Where would I go? Who would I bring with me?

If you were transported to Year Zero, what would you bring with you to really freak people out?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say.

1. Good idea.

“I bring the book, How to Invent Everything, by Ryan North.

I’m a time traveler, seems to be an appropriate choice.”

2. All you really need.

“Kazoo…for obvious reasons.

The pinnacle of human invention.”

3. Soultaker.

“A camera.

And when I show them their picture, I tell them I’ve captured their soul.”

4. Gonna be rich!

“As many spices and seasonings as I could in their modern day little shaky containers.

To say I would be a rich man would be an understatement.”

5. Time to scare some folks.

“A laser pointer with a solar battery.

I’m gonna scare the shit out of some people with a harmless beam of light.”

6. That would do the trick.

“If the point is to blow people’s minds, I’d take a gold plated Apache helicopter and materialize in year 0 at the top of Mount Olympus.

I’d fly my golden chariot, circling Athens a few times so everyone notices, land it at the Parthenon, and emerge in a flight suit.

Minds blown.”

7. Fire!

“A lighter.

If Hocus Pocus taught me anything, it’s that’s making fire in your hands will freak people out.”

8. Catch me if you can.

“I’d bring a bicycle.

Nobody would ever be able to catch me. They’d be in awe of my ability to travel anywhere I wanted 10x faster than them for free and not have to feed and train a horse.”

9. A map.

“A map of the world. Roman Empire in America.

Something like a detailed geological survey map of the world, in the right hands, would be incredibly powerful. You could find paths through mountains, efficient read routes, and undiscovered lands. With a little study you could locate resources.

The edge this would give someone over people without any means to accurately map would be pretty mind blowing.”

10. Better be careful.

“Well, antibiotics and medicines in general.

Because if I don’t, I’ll probably kill everyone with all the diseases that I will bring from the future.”

11. Time to confuse people.

“A good chisel.

Going to go make some cave writings with a bunch of info on chemistry, extending into a little of quantum mechanics. About to confuse the fuck out of historians.”

12. The intimidation game.

“A Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carrier complete with nuclear powerhouse and all the bells and whistles (planes, choppers, boats).”

13. Time to do some learnin’.

“A book of math, physics, and some engineering projects from around the industrial revolution.

All written in Latin.

Also enough gold to get me to Rome.”

14. You are a GOD.

“My guitar.

I won’t be able to do much with a cell phone or a gun long-term, but with 21st century instrument craftsmanship, I imagine I can consistently “wow” people.”

15. Let’s get to the bottom of this.

“I’m bringing the Bible to see what was bull shit and what wasn’t…”

16. Let me make some predictions.

“A print out of Wikipedia pages detailing major events that would happen in the next 100 years, including details of solar eclipses and storms and natural disasters.

Then I’d pretend to predict those happening. Gonna be fun seeing everyone lose their minds.”

17. Get a load of this.

“My desktop computer.

Like just the physical computer would blow their fucking minds. The symmetrical design, hard lines, plastic, metal etc. would look alien as fuck.

I don’t know how much more their minds would be blown if I could also somehow sneak in a monitor and about 50 solar panel chargers to power it on.”

What do you think?

A computer? A cell phone? A car?

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