If You’re a Good Boss, the Customer Is Not Always Right

If you work in customer service, then you know that, for the most part, you have to go with the customer always being right – even when they’re not technically right.

You have to at least let them think they’re right so that they’ll continue to be a customer…at least, if you want them to still be a customer, and in some cases, you definitely shouldn’t.

This person worked at a popular restaurant with a hopping patio – a patio people sometimes tried to sneak onto without beat officially sat by the server, even though there were plenty of signs advising them it wasn’t allowed.

Image Credit: Cheezburger

A family she recognized as being jerks was sitting at another server’s table, and the other girl went to see what was wrong.

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Except that wasn’t her table, and no one had sat them there with togo boxes they weren’t supposed to have in the restaurant.

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Finally, what everyone expected happened – they stormed inside to have a word with the manager.

The jury is out on whether anyone in the party was named Karen.

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I have a hard time believing everyone in the vicinity didn’t burst into applause.

This is a manager who values his staff and doesn’t have trouble setting fair boundaries when it comes to what guests can and cannot do in his restaurant.

Well done, sir.

Image Credit: Cheezburger

How would you have handled this as a server? As a manager?

If you’ve got a better response than this guy did, I’d love to hear it down in the comments!