12 Times the Customer Was Not Right

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It’s supposed to be good business to operate under the assumption that “the customer is always right.”

Although in practice that never seems to work out in my favor.

But sometimes the customer makes a downright bold move, as though trying to test this statement to the limits.

Here are 12 times when a customer’s audacious behavior should absolutely not be tolerated.

1. I’m sorry, we have a policy against that…

I don’t know the legality, but that one is a little scary.

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2. More like Black-eye Friday, am I right?

I once threw the same fit over toothpaste because…
No. I didn’t. Because it’s toothpaste.

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3. I have so many questions

Was he a customer who got lost? A random guy who wandered in off the street?
Did he get help?
Was this a place that actually sold rubbing alcohol or did he just find some that was lying around?

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4. An invitation to party and wed

If it was the 1700s, her parents probably would have been ecstatic.

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5. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of where you are

It’s like those Wayside School books.
How can you be SURE you don’t have six floors?

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6. Rule number 1: Always stick to your guns

A Macy’s is a JC Penney if you believe it is.

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7. Back away slowly…

Just let him have his conversation in peace.

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8. What a waste. (Human waste…)

I feel like this could have been a teaching moment?

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9. Nice try fella

Maybe I should try this with that plant I bought ten years ago…

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10. Does Worker’s Comp cover therapy for life?

Asking for a friend.

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11. Theft in broad daylight

Maybe he watched Free Willy one too many times and felt at one with the lobsters?

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12. What is it about crustaceans?

I mostly want to know why they picked Menswear.
Honestly though, compared to some of the other stunts people pulled, this one is on the tame side.

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Having worked in retail, I am now feeling extremely lucky that it wasn’t worse, because those were pretty eye-opening.

What crazy stories have you encountered working with the public? Share them in the comments.