10 People Share Those Things Past Relationships Gave Them That They Can’t Get Anymore

Remember that one, beautiful relationship you think about from time to time… and it still makes you smile?

Yeah, this post is about those memories. All those happy thoughts that come flooding in when love was real and it was so potent you could taste it.

Unfortunately, love like that rarely lasts, but let’s forget about that for right now and set our minds to “the ones that got away.”

Get the tissues out…

1. Haha… well, that is a VERY specific memory.

Must be a great jacket!

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2. Cuddles and snuggles and huggles!

All those couple things!

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3. Hmmm, can’t you have that now?

I mean, it’s a phone.

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4. Definitely a great feeling to have.

And when you wake up with somebody… morning s*x!

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5. Those are good memories, for sure. 🙂

It’s the little things.

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6. Ouch. When you lose that it’s really tough.

The big O!

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7. So was your ex your mom or…

Also, there are books on tape.

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8. Well blow me down! 😉


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9. Yeah, don’t tell her that. O_O

Lots of this going on in this thread.

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10. Oh my oh my oh my!

“Sometimes” you miss it… or always?

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Ahhhh… make you want to go get on a dating app and do something stupid, yeah?

Okay, I kid, but if you’re out there and you’re thinking about that one you still love… I don’t know… maybe reach out?

Oh, you’ve been drinking. Hmmm… okay, well maybe reach out tomorrow.

Or you could let us know which one of these stories really got to you. Do that in the comments, fam!