If You’re Generation X, These 11 Memes Should Hit You Just Right

If you’re a fellow member of Generation X, you’re probably used to (and fine with) being forgotten and ignored.

It’s kind of our thing, and we’re cool with it because it lets us live our lives without being bothered. And that’s just ONE reason. There’s a whole slew of reasons I could get into, but you know what? What’s the point? We’re not here for that. We’re here for MEMES!!!

In that spirit… these 11 memes really get us, y’all, so I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

11. That’s where my mind went.

Also Boomers. Sigh.

10. That’s the face we make when we think it’s funny.

It’s hard to make us mad but you don’t want to see that.

9. It will be a grand day.

If any of us live that long.

8. We just want the kids to be happy.

Those other folks can suck it.

7. That’s a sad thought, isn’t it?

Or maybe not? Was Mad TV really worth watching anyway?

6. You know what…we don’t even care.

Skip it. I said…. SKIP IT!!!

5. Nihilism for the win.

We will burn it all down and light a joint off the flames.

4. We saw many video game consoles come and go.

We are adaptable af.

3. We are chill AF.

You cannot argue that point. Nor should you even try.

2. We are the funniest generation.

I will take no arguments on this topic.

1. We’re holding out, just in case.

I have my doubts, though.

I feel so seen, which is kind of weird and I’m not sure I like it. Ha!

Share your favorite Gen X meme with us in the comments!

Or don’t. Whatever… see if I care.