“IKEA Heights” Is a Soap Opera Filmed Entirely Inside IKEA – And the Store Had No Idea

Image Credit: YouTube

Between 2009-2010, Paul Bartunek and David Seger produced and filmed a web series called Ikea Heights. They filmed the spoof soap opera inside a Burbank, CA IKEA…and they did it all without the store’s knowledge.

I know.

Photo Credit: Reddit

If you’re looking for a good laugh with a good story behind it, then you should check this out on YouTube.

Photo Credit: YouTube

And, you know, tell your friends. Because soap operas and IKEA? Come on, that’s a match made in heaven. It’s practically a soap opera to go to IKEA.

It may not exactly make us even, after all of the torture we’ve suffered at the hands of their furniture. But it’s a start.

Episode #2:

Episode #3:

Episode #4:

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