15 Funny Jokes About Being In Quarantine B/c We All Need A Good Laugh

No, I don’t think this whole coronavirus quarantine global pandemic thing is funny…but I think aspects of our new realities are funny. Just sometimes.

And besides, if we can’t laugh about all of ways our lives have changed for the not-better (except the fact that we’re all still alive, for now), how will we get through this with enough of a sense of humor to rebuild?

Seriously, we’re sharing these 15 COVID-19 jokes for the good of society. So eat up.

15. Way too many of us are just realizing this. Ha!

14. Where’s the lie, though?

13. I’m not sorry about the zombies, though.

12. Two thumbs down.


11. This new normal is going to take some getting used to.

Corona funny
byu/AidanHC indankmemes

10. Seems legit, to be honest.

9. Talk about a silver lining!

8. Support your small businesses, folks! They’re out there hustling.

7. Be the second guy. There are too many of the first already.

6. Is it just like you dreamed it would be?

5. Don’t even bother trying to explain WHY someone would want to eat bat soup.

4. I don’t think anyone saw that coming.

More coronavirus memes! Everyone wants those right..? Epic…
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3. YOU are the weakest link!

This house ain’t big enough for the six of us
byu/theonlymexicanman inmemes

2. His name just lends itself.

1. Dead. Absolutely dead.

I feel better about people in general now, and that’s never a bad thing, right?

If you’ve got more jokes or memes that could brighten our days, please drop them in the comments!