iPhone Screen Time Reports Are Sparking Some Hilarious Twitter Jokes

Photo Credit: Pixabay

If you’re an iPhone user, you’re all too familiar with the Weekly Screen Time Report tool. Just when you’re feeling pretty good about your week, you’ll get a friendly reminder that you probably wasted a ton of time on Twitter, Instagram and other apps.

Of course, with people stuck inside scrolling and double-tapping away, that’s led to some seriously impressive screen time reports. Naturally, that’s led some Twitter users to have fun at their own expense at the hours they’ve wasted away staring at a screen.

Nobody loves being on the big screen more than Kris Jenner. But even she can’t deal with the harsh reality of wasting so much time on an iPhone.

Blink twice if your phone is holding you hostage. That’s assuming your eyes still work after how much time you’ve had your eyeballs glued on your Instagram feed.

Does Apple really need to make us feel bad about ourselves? Maybe it’s time to turn off this weekly update after all. My self-esteem needs a boost.

Do I really need my iPhone hovering over me with my embarrassing screen time report? Seriously, stop being so shady, Apple.

I still feel my legs, so I mustn’t have made the total transformation from human to device. But the lines are starting to get blurred.

Cuddled up in bed in my PJs sounds like a heck of an idea. But my mattress is starting to get a dent from how much I’ve been laying around on my phone.

What have you done with your life???

What even is time anymore?!?

Okay, only one thing left to do…

I guess time flies when you’re…having fun? Seriously, let’s find something better to do.

How much time have you been spending on your iPhone? Tell us about your most embarrassing Weekly Screen Time Report in the comments section.