Is Being So Desperate to Go On Vacation Dramatic and a Sign of Privilege? Here’s What People Said.

Well, I guess you can go right ahead and call me privileged and dramatic because there’s nothing I enjoy more than getting the hell out of town as much as possible…even I have to work while I’m gone.

But, on the flip side, I can see how other folks who maybe don’t get the opportunity to get away or maybe don’t even care about vacation would get annoyed by those who make a big deal out of it.

AskReddit users talked about whether being desperate to go on a vacation is dramatic and a sign of privilege.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

1. Sick of it.

“Since lockdown restrictions are lifting slowly here in the UK.

I’m sick of hearing about people saying that they genuinely feel ‘depressed’ or ‘can’t carry on’ without going on holiday. All because they didn’t get to go to an all-inclusive trip to Spain for a week.

Just because you can’t go abroad or holiday parks, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the time off. Thats what annual leave in work is all about, booking time off to decompress and recharge your batteries. If you physically cannot do that without spending a good £1000+ to go away for a week. I don’t believe you. You’re just not trying to relax.

I know its a little different when you have kids and its a time for everybody to have a change of scenery, but you can still do that in your own country, just go for a drive to anywhere new for the day.

Drive to the coast, hills, countryside, mountains, forests, rivers etc… There’s a lot of possibilities you can still do without the “NEED” to go abroad.”

2. Stuck.

“I used to go travelling while working for months at a time constantly but haven’t been able to for five years now.

I’m basically stuck in my home country with no prospect of every doing it again.

I’ve got to say it’s pretty soul destroying.”

3. History lesson.

“This is way out there, crazy-man blog stuff, but I think about humanity originally being fairly nomadic and wonder if that’s not still present in our need for vacation, etc.

Not just the warmth, but the scenery. Many, many (most?) animals migrate in some way with the seasons and I wonder if it’s not just part of our brain make-up to want some shifts in the scenery.”

4. Needing a break.

“My company offers accrued PTO, and it was cut this year. I have 30 hours accrued since January, so it’s not nothing, but…

…I work 12 hour days to deal with three different time zones.

…I’m constantly being passed new responsibilities for all the people who have left (and I oversee the few who do get hired.)

…I’m hourly, but the OT is not worth my mental health. It takes two days to feel human again.

…there is no upward mobility. If I want benefits and breaks, I take a severe pay cut. The suggestion is to move in with my mom until my first bonus (I rent, and I’m 39.)

I understand the writer’s point, but there’s a gray area between wanting to travel the world and just needing a break to remember who I am.”

5. Doing just fine.

“4 years for me. It’s not that big of a deal.

I’m ok with myself and content with my life so I don’t need monkey on a unicycle entertainment to make me enjoy life constantly.”

6. No big deal.

“Last time I went it was to Chicago and I didn’t have the best time out there.

Family vacations were every summer and I had mixed feelings on most trips.”

7. The reason…

“It’s the reason I work.

Travel is what I like to do with my free time. Work hard, earn my money honestly and have a right to enjoy my hobbies like travelling.

And also have a right to miss travelling when it didn’t happen for more than a year. I will go on holiday in UK but I will continue moaning that I “desperately need to go abroad”.”

8. Out of touch.

“I grew up comfortable. Solidly middle class, but maybe on the poorer side now that I look back.

The only family vacations I went on: Disney for like 2 days when I was 3 for my cousins birthday, Hershey Park for a day when I was 12, 3 days in NYC when I graduated high school, 3 days in Disney when I graduated college. I went on a trip to Europe on scholarship sponsored by my high school.

That was the biggest trip I’ve ever been on and it was educational and I had to leave early because I almost d**d. I mean I do live like 2 hours from the beach so sometimes we would do a day trip, but we never stayed overnight.

Yearly vacations are absolutely foreign to me and the fact that people are b**ching and moaning that they can’t travel is pretty f**kin privileged and out of touch (and that’s coming from a white woman who is already very privileged).”

9. Can become a need.

“I think if you spend all your time living in some poorly supported, urban area, working a job you don’t like, then the idea of spending a week on the beach with a cocktail in hand can very easily become a need.

Sure you can go for a drive and see some nice spots around you, recharge the batteries. I live in Glasgow, Scotland. It rains all the time. There’s high levels of poverty and crime. A lot of not very nice areas. When someone here says they NEED to go to the south of France for a week, or sit on the beach in Spain….I believe they need that. And they deserve it.

Doesn’t make it entitled, just highlights how many people aren’t happy in their current circumstances and want a slice of paradise, just for a little bit.”

10. Do your own thing.

“For some people travelling to another country or far off place is a need.

I get that it can be annoying but we shouldn’t be gatekeeping relaxation and using privilege as an insult to others.

We all deserve to find our own piece of relaxation and peace.”

11. To each their own.

“Everybody has at least one thing that they are passionate about that if it were taken away from them they would feel pretty c**p. You obviously don’t love travel but some people live for it.

Some people are happy to just sit around smoking weed all day. Take that away and they will be pretty dramatic. Some people love doing up and driving cars. Imagine if fuel ran out or was banned. They would feel their lives turned upside down.

Some people feel that way about g**s and hunting, some people about riding horses. You get the picture, privileged or not, no one likes it when their passion is taken away. Yes they will live but after a while it will get to them. Your passion isn’t travelling, and that is fine.”

12. Yikes!

“I’m sick and tired of being in my house.

If I stayed here, it would have been the d**th of me. You might have not had it so bad during lockdown,but I was basically locked inside 24/7, alone for 90% of that time, and had mounds of school work.

It’s vacation or s**cide.”

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