Have you gone through a drive thru lately and thought that, even though your order wasn’t changing, the totals they’re asking you to pay have?

I know I have had that thought, but I’ve convinced myself here and there that it’s just that now I’m the adult expected to pay for all of it, and moved on.

Is it just me or does fast food seem more expensive nowadays? from NoStupidQuestions

Has it gotten more expensive, though? More than regular inflation?

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15. The portions are smaller, too.

It’s equivalent or cheaper in my area to get take out from a diner or something similar.

Especially since portions in fast food places have become smaller.

14. Remember you have options.

We found a grocery delivery service that provides groceries and recipes for all meals.

We priced it out, and it’s literally cheaper in money and time than buying our own groceries and doing our own meal planning.

It’s also incredibly cheaper than eating out.

It truly blew my mind that something that was so financially inaccessible to me a few years ago is now more practical.

13. That doesn’t seem right.

Speaking of smaller portions have you guys had subway recently, the bread is like half the width of what it used to be but it’s still a foot long though yay…

12. Not just inflation.

Yes, prices have definitely gone up. I remember cheeseburgers being $.59

11. That’s a lot of beef and cheddar.

Having worked at Arby’s approx 14-12 years ago, we used to offer 6 beef n cheddars(small bun) for $5.

In 2007 they changed the menu to 3 for $5, and i remember working the register and having to explain the change to one of our Sunday regulars.

Her and her husband used to come in weekly and have 3 sandwiches each.

She was so angry and upset that her tradition got changed….

10. Groceries, too.

Yes!!! My husband and I were just talking about this.

I don’t feel like we’re buying more than usual but we’re definitely spending more than usual.

It’s ridiculous!

Literally everything has gone up 🙁

9. I think so, too.

Same here! I really could eat at a restaurant for almost the same price for way better quality food.

8. The app thing gets exhausting, too.

It’s gotten more expensive. I always use the app when ordering from places like McDonald’s, Chick-fil-A or Wendy’s now. You can usually get at least one free item.

McDonald’s has free fry Fridays, and I’ll regularly get a drink, a cheeseburger and a free order of fries for under $3

7. This could put the fast food peeps out of business.

Like I could go get a combo meal at McDonald’s for like $8.

or i could get a 3 for $10 deal at chili’s. Just takes slightly more planning ahead, and I have a gigantic bag of chips and salsa and some bomb-ass chicken bacon quesadillas and a drink.

It’s not even remotely comparable.

6. Gaming the system.

It’s all about menu hacking.

The combo meals at fast food joints are garbage.

At McDonald’s, it’s cheaper to buy basic sandwiches and add lettuce/tomato than pay for the same thing in a double size combo meal burger.

5. You can find better options.

Local Chinese takeout place in my area will give you a massive portion of food for $8.

It’s a dinner combo with general tso’s chicken, pork strips, crab rangoons, fried rice with the little veggies, and cooked broccoli. With or without duck sauce.

The portion size will make you feel like you just ate too much at Thanksgiving dinner.

Serious bang for your buck and deliciously bad for you lol.

4. They did used to be $1.

Seriously. I went to McDonald’s for breakfast for the first time in a while a couple weeks ago.

I couldn’t believe that a hash brown was something like $2.39. I thought they were like $1.

3. My two-year-old eats the entire thing.

When l was younger, a happy meal could be filling for a child or a small snack for someone bigger, now it can barely be considered a small snack for a child.

If it weren’t for the toy, most people would give their kids a simple and cheap burger, which are the size of the old happy meal ones.

2. Here’s something to Google in your spare time.

I work at McDonald’s and I can’t really share any tips because it varies per franchise but most people just don’t know how to order or use the hundreds of available coupons you can get on your phone.

There is a guy who comes in every day an his meal would cost him $7 but he pays $0.74 ( the cost of a coffee with unlimited refills )

1. To be fair I honestly think the food at McDonald’s is better now.

When my Denny’s check is only a few dollars more than my McDonald’s check something’s wrong

Well, I don’t know what’s true anymore, but I do know I’m paying as much at McDonald’s as I used to pay for dinner at Applebee’s in college.

Whatever that means.

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