Is He Wrong for Buying a Cake for No Special Occasion? People Shared Their Thoughts.

Why on Earth would anyone, anywhere, get mad about someone bringing a cake home?

It blows my mind!

But, as you know, people are weird and they can sometimes get upset at things like this…

Hang on tight and see what happened!

AITA for buying a cake for no special occasion?

“Two days ago I saw a small cake at Walmart. It was only $6 and a flavor my family liked, so I decided to buy it.

I got home and my wife protested saying “you don’t buy a cake unless it’s for a birthday”. She demanded I return it for a refund however the seal was already torn off so the store would not be able to resell it.

An argument struck up and out of spite, let my children and myself eat the cake by ourselves, not leaving a crumb for my wife. She has not talked to me since, and refuses to even sleep in the same bed. Over a cake.

So, AITA?”

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And this individual said he’s NTA and also thinks that this is not really about a cake.

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