Is He Wrong for Telling His Sister That Her 4 Kids Are Her Plus One to His Wedding? People Responded.

When it comes to planning a wedding, sometimes folks have to put their foot down.

I’m talking about making the hard decisions that they know might get some people angry.

But, in the end, a wedding is supposed to be about the people getting married, right?

So was this guy out of line for what he said to his sister?

Check out his story and see what you think.

AITA for telling my sister her 4 kids are her plus one?

“I’m (30M) in the midst of planning a wedding and deciding everything regarding the guest list. We have a hard cap of people allowed given the venues small size.

We can only have 105 people, anything after that would not be allowed due to fire codes and venue policy. I have an older sister Mia who’s life is a bit of a mess right now. She and her latest ex partner and dad of one of her kids broke up in the last 6 months. She has 4 kids and they are all living at my parents’ house for the time being.

We opted to not have a childfree wedding after there being so much drama about it so Mia’s 4 kids between 4 and 11 will be at our wedding. She recently got her invite that stated her name and her 4 kids names. She then called me and said “I assume as an adult I also get a plus 1”. We told her no, she’s not a in a serious relationship and she and her kids are already about 5% of our total guest list.

Our caterer also doesn’t charge less for kids so we’re paying about $400 for those 4 kids to be there, we dont want to pay another $100 for some random that she’d bring. She’s not dating anyone but said she could easily find a date or bring a friend to have someone to dance with. We told her she has 4 kids there, that should be more than enough instead of having a “plus one”.

My dad is my side, and is tired of her taking up their house, my mom is a little more sympathetic and saying I should allow her to have a plus one because that’s what you do for adults. Spending $600 on just my sister her kids and a date when she’s not seeing anyone seriously just seems ridiculous to me though. She is pretty ticked off though.

Am I being the AH here?”

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