Is She Wrong for Telling People That Her Brother Chose a Dog Over Her? Here’s What People Said.

I’m gonna go on the record right now and let everyone know that I usually like dogs more than people.

And if you’ve ever had a special dog in your life, then you might agree with me…

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Is this woman wrong for telling people that her brother chose a dog over her?

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AITA for telling people my brother chose a dog over me?

“My (28f) brother (26m) was my best friend growing up. He didn’t feel the same way. I was a lot more awkward as a kid, so I often just followed his friend groups around, even though many of them bullied me. He never stood up for me, but when we were alone he went back to being fun and nice so I always forgave him.

When we were teenagers and got part-time jobs, I started buying him birthday and Christmas presents even though he never did the same. Our parents said it was because he’s younger and would eventually, but to this day I have never received a gift from him personally.

Now that we’re adults, I call and text him occasionally to check in, and though he’s nice when he responds, he doesn’t initiate. I figured that was just how he is. I always put more work in, but he’s my brother and I love him.

I’m graduating from graduate school soon, and I invited my whole family out to celebrate. Everyone got a plane ticket and hotel room I’m paying for and it’s been planned out for months. The other day, my brother called me to say that he was picking up a new puppy the day before my graduation and that he couldn’t make it.

Something inside me broke a little. I asked if it really had to be that day, if he couldn’t postpone it for a week or something, but he said no dice and to cancel his reservations. I said okay and hung up. I decided I was done being in a one-way relationship with him, even though I always thought of him as my best friend.

Later, I was talking to our mom and she was saying how excited she is to see us, and I told her, “Oh, brother’s not coming. He chose a dog over me.” She asked what I was talking about, and I explained. She said she was disappointed but not surprised. Word got out and my brother called me, really hushed and sad and said what I said wasn’t cool.

I said I just told the truth. He called me an AH and we haven’t spoken since. I said what I said in anger and bitterness, but now I’m feeling really guilty because I’ve always forgiven my brother and I’ve never heard him sound the way he did on the phone.


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