Is He Wrong for Walking Out of a Restaurant on His Girlfriend? Here’s What People Said.

Sometimes, you just gotta go...

Even if that means bailing out of a restaurant on your girlfriend.

But does it make someone an a**hole when they do that?

More specifically, did THIS guy act like a jerk?

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AITA for walking out of a restaurant on my GF?

“GF and I were having dinner at a restaurant when she got a text from her best friend (who recently gave birth), and she said “omg she got a C section.” she works as a nurse so she then explained to me the type of incision they make for that and how it’ll leave a scar.

I then, as a joke, said “at least she’ll still be tight down there.” My GF looked confused and then said that was a weird comment to make about her friend. I then said it is a very normal joke to make and she disagreed.

There was some back and forth, i asked her to drop it and she kept trying to talk about it. I said to her “you’re so insecure” and she then goes “does it make you feel good to call me that?” so then I got really frustrated, got up, and walked out of the restaurant and drove home.

She called me several times (I drove both of us there) but I was so frustrated and just wanted to get home so I turned my phone off. She showed up at our apartment 30 min later and was really p**sed called me an a**hole and over reacted, and that she waited in the cold for 20 min for an uber.

Am I the a**hole for walking out on her and leaving her there for being frustrated?”

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