Is It Actually Illegal To Remove The Tag From Your Mattress?

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I know that, like the rebel you are, you cut tags off whatever you dang well please, no matter what they say.

First of all, they’re tags.

Second of all, who is going to come into your home and check your mattresses, hairdryers, and the like to make sure the warning tags are still attached?

I honestly hope the answer to that is no one, but with the way the world is sliding this year, I think it’s best not to tempt fate.

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Could you really get into trouble, though, or even arrested if some kind of authority found out?

The answer is not really.

The tags are there because in the late 19th century, mattresses and pillows were sold stuffed full of unsanitary materials inside, and the government thought customers should be aware of what they were bringing into their homes. In addition to listing materials, mattresses were not to be sold missing the tags – meaning it was illegal for the SELLER to remove the tag.

US Code states that it’s unlawful to remove the tags of modern stuffed items before they are sold and delivered to their final destination – a consumer’s hands or home.

See Title 15 – Consumer and Trade, Chapter 2, Subchapter V – Textile Fiber Products Identification, Section 70c – Removal of stamp, tag, label, or other identification Statute (a) Removal or mutilation after shipment in commerce states for more:

“After shipment of a textile fiber product in commerce it shall be unlawful, except as provided in this subchapter, to remove or mutilate, or cause or participate in the removal or mutilation of, prior to the time any textile fiber product is sold and delivered to the ultimate consumer, any stamp, tag, label, or other identification required by this subchapter to be affixed to such textile fiber product, any person violating this section shall be guilty of an unfair method of competition, and an unfair or deceptive act or practice, under the Federal Trade Commission Act. “

The tag on your pillow should give you an abbreviated code, and let you know exactly what’s inside your pillow or mattress.

As long as you’re cool with it, you – the “ultimate consumer’ are free to remove whatever tags you want.

Good news for everyone who has been trying to hide those tags on your throw pillows all these years, right?

Grab your scissors and go to town, my friends – there’s no jail time in your future.

Not for this, anyway.