Is It Ever OK To Dictate What People Wear At Home?

Mother Arguing With Teenage Son

This is going to be a sensitive post for many people. If you’re in your own house, should you be able to wear what you like regardless of whether or not it makes others who live there uncomfortable?

A tricky issue, to be sure, especially when there are kids and societal norms involved, right?

In this case, we’ve got an 18yo boy who lives at home with his dad. Recently, his dad’s new girlfriend has moved in as well, and he’s “noticed” that she doesn’t always wear a bra around the house.

My dad’s girlfriend lives with us along with my siblings.

It’s my dad’s house and she moved in.

I (18m) have noticed that she sometimes doesn’t wear a bra around the house.

He told her this makes him uncomfortable and asked her to wear one at home, but she replied that it’s her house, too, and she doesn’t want to.

It makes me uncomfortable.

I asked her if she could wear a bra because it makes me uncomfortable.

She responded with no because it’s her house too.

I don’t think what I asked is too much too ask.


Is this an OK ask? Or should he have just kept his mouth shut?

I think we all know Reddit is going to have something to say on the matter!

The bottom line is that sure, he can ask – but it’s not her job to make him feel comfortable.

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Bras are not and should not be required attire.

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Why should she be uncomfortable?

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This will be a good life lesson for OP, if he wants to learn it.

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The real bottom line…

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Guys, women aren’t there to turn you on or make sure you’re not turned on.

We’re just trying to be comfortable while we snack and do laundry and watch Netflix.

What would you say to this kid if he belonged to you?

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