Is It OK To Tell A “Helpful” Nurse To Mind Her Own Business?

There has been a lot of forward progress lately when it comes to allowing people to make their own decisions on parenthood – when, how many, and if at all – but the fact of the matter is, it’s still hard to be a young woman who knows she doesn’t want to be a mother.

This OP knows that, for sure, and is seeking a doctor to perform a tubal ligation.

I (26F) am starting my uphill battle of trying to get my tubes tied. My PCP is on board with it, but let me know I’d have to go through gyn since the procedure is done by them. She put in my referral and today one of the nurses called to set up my appointment.

The nurse asked me if I was trying to set up an appointment to change out my IUD and asked if I was having problems. I told her I was actually trying to set up an appointment to talk about getting my tubes tied.

When she called the office after a referral from her primary care physician and told the nurse who answered what she wanted, the woman tried to “talk her out of it” using every tired and inapplicable argument in the book.

I got so annoyed I blurted out “I only need your help setting up an appointment. If I wanted your opinion on my body and future, I’d ask for it.”

My (male) friend was in the room and told me I had no reason to be so rude to the nurse and that she was just trying to help me think of this objectively. I honestly don’t think I was an AH, but I’m sure the nurse does and my friend thinks I was an AH.


OP was over it and told the nurse that if she’d wanted her opinion she would have asked for it.

Her friend thinks she didn’t need to be rude, but is that really true?

Let’s her what Reddit has to say about it below!

There are way too many commiserating stories.

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It’s just not right.

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The double standard is appalling.

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We’re not a fan of the “friend” either.

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Several people said OP was a lot kinder than they would have been.

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I am a woman with children and this whole conversation just makes me so mad.

If it doesn’t burn your britches, please explain why in the comments!