Is It Really Rude or Inappropriate to Go Braless in Public?

Listen. Like everything else that people put on or in their bodies, bras really shouldn’t be anyone’s choice or business besides the person who wears them.

That said, a lot of people have opinions on bra-wearing, and most of those opinions are that they should be worn in public.

What does Reddit say to this opinion that society is wrong on this one? Let’s find out!

14. Why should we be fidgeting all day, every day?

Yeah it’s unreal.

I noticed too after being braless now for almost two years that bras ALWAYS bug me around the body.

Not the straps for me, but I’m always fidgeting and messing with the clasp and around-part (wtf is that called? The part that goes around ur midsection lol).

Even if it’s the perfect fit and isn’t cutting in, I just hate the feeling on my body.

Not for me!

13. If you’re uncomfortable, wear a bra.

I would definitely feel more comfortable physically but I know people would stare and some, for sure, would see me inappropriately and that would make me even more uncomfortable that wearing a bra.

12. That’s society talking, my lady.

i have DDD/F and the looks i get when i go braless make me feel so disgusting and ugly 🙁

11. Sure, in a perfect world.

Just thinking about the amount of creepy stares makes me uncomfortable already.

all the loser guys in the comments getting weirdly horny and saying shit like “hehehe I love boobs I wouldn’t mind” don’t realise that they are the problem.

10. Talk about going backward.

Watch any 70’s movie and there are bra less women. I don’t know when we became so prudish.

And I don’t know what’s going on but it seems to be getting worse. When I was in elementary school, and starting to get breasts, I’d wear training bras occasionally for gym class or with certain outfits. Most of my classmates were about the same, IIRC. There was definitely no peer pressure to wear bras.

Fast forward a decade. I’m a Girl Guide leader at a weekend camp. The girls are 9-12yo. We’ve just called lights out and us adults are finally getting into our own PJs. Next thing I know, there’s an uproar from the girls’ sleeping area. Turns out no one can sleep because Mary’s (not her real name) isn’t wearing a bra. Now Mary is 9 and has the flattest chest ever. Also, they’re in their PJs at an all girls camp. Seriously, why would anyone sleep in a bra, at camp? I certainly wasn’t wearing a bra at night and I was 20yo and firmly a C cup. Anyway, we had an impromptu discussion of bodily autonomy. I did ask Mary to please stop lifting her shirt to prove to everyone that she had a flat chest. That was an experience.

I almost feel like with the overs*xualization of younger and younger girls, the onus is being put on very young girls to manage how the male gaze will fall on them. The stuff my peers and I had to deal with as teenagers was not ok. But at least we had gone through puberty. We had hips and breasts and some first hand idea of what s*xual attraction even was. I can’t imagine having to think about that before your body and brain can even begin to process any of it.

9. You have options.

It’s only uncomfortable at first. Then eventually you stop caring/noticing. I haven’t worn a bra since 2018. (With the exception of the occasional sports bra or lingerie set for those fun occasions).

Also, if I’m in a situation where I really shouldn’t have my nips showing, we’ve got pasties!

8. How sad. Let’s stop it.

I was in Mary’s shoes once at camp. We were 10-11 and everyone in my cabin made a big deal that I took off my bra to sleep. Apparently if you don’t sleep with a bra your boobs would sag more when you were older.

Even if that was true, it was really sad that a bunch of kids whose boobs hadn’t even finished growing yet were sacrificing their comfort out of fear for their appearances.

7. All boobs should be free if they want to be.

And not just people with perky boobs. Idk why people are so offended by saggier boobs.

I’m an old woman with a H cup, think bigger than most babies heads each, age is not kind to large boobs. I get stared and laughed at going out in anything but a thrust the boobs up under the chine type bra, then the stares are more wow large titties type stares.

6. A history lesson.

The cultural revolution of the sixties led to a counter-culture further propped up by the right getting their butts kicked after water-gate.

Events like the Altamont Free Concert only further cemented the idea that the era was co-opted and replaced by raucous drug and s*x addicts.

5. I mean.

Because if they can’t be s*xualized then they are useless to a stranger’s gaze and therefore hideous and need to be avoided at all cost

4. High five!

I just went out to a store braless for the first time today. I was wearing a pair of linen overalls and a t-shirt, and I’m like, no one can tell the difference in this outfit, and who cares anyway?

I went to a local home goods boutique to pick up a couple of things I’d bought online, then to pick up food for dinner. No one cared and it was great.

I’ve got big knockers, too. Free the boobs!

3. Stop the cycle.

Agreed. I’m transitioning to being completely braless (C-cups on a thicker gal), and my boobs are pretty easty-westy and on the saggier side. I still wear bralettes to work (long term care home) and sports bras for exercise, but otherwise it’s swing low, sweet chariots.

All I think about when I go out in public is my mom’s behaviour over my entire life. No matter what, when a lady would walk by braless or with an “improper support” bra, my mom would comment on how disgusting it is. She’d say it’s gross and that women need better bras and to not let their boobs hang and “swing around like that”.

My mom has microaggressions, but those were hands down the worst of all. It’s absolutely played into my own insecurities and every time I go out braless now (which is almost all the time now since I’m trying to put my autonomy and comfort over other’s views of me), I still think about this and worry that others are talking about me like my mom still does to this day.

I try not to care, but I naturally stand with my hands kind of hovering in front of my chest now – I don’t even really mean to, but it feels right and I still catch myself doing it.

2. It’s never what you are – or aren’t – wearing.

No one has ever commented that I don’t wear bras.

When I’ve gotten cat-calls it doesn’t seem to matter what I’m wearing and I’d rather be comfortable.

Tbh, I hate clothes in general. I sleep naked a lot. It’s the way I feel most relaxed.

1. Maybe try an extra layer when you’re first starting out.

I’ve switched to tank tops and camisoles beneath my shirts, and I’ve been really comfortable with them. I kinda appreciate the extra layer.

And if you clasp your hands behind your back you’ll not only not hover but you’ll stand up straighter. It’s the one useful habit I picked up from church school.

I have to say, wear (or don’t wear) what you want. The rest of us will be ok.

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