As someone with children, I can promise you there are two types of people when it comes to picking out names for the small beings in our care – people who take that responsibility very seriously and really think about it before they pull the trigger, and people who think it’s a lark to choose something bats*%t insane and hang it around someone else’s neck for the rest of their lives.

Of course, the stakes aren’t quite so high with our pets. They don’t really know if their name is dumb, for one, but also they have to deal with it for a much shorter lifespan. Sadly.

In this poor dog’s case, a creative spelling of Kody could embarrass not only the poor dog, but the owner.

OP opens her case saying that her cousin has always been one of those people to give normal-sounding names to her kids but to spell them “special.”

OP has never said anything about it, because they’re not her kids, and does her best to spell them like they are on their birth certificate when sending cards, etc.

AITA for pointing out to my cousin how stupid her new dog’s name is?

This sounds silly as hell but she just bit my head off, I didn’t think I was being an asshole but she sure seems to.

I have a cousin (45F) who is a little flakey and has always had an affinity for overcomplicated spellings of normal names. If you know the type you know what I’m talking about. Giving their kids names like Stefanee, Mykaighlah, Khai-leigh…stuff like that. Whatever to each their own, doesn’t affect me, I’ve never said boo about what she named her kids and always done my best to spell them correctly on birthday cards.

A couple hours ago she hit me up on Messenger to show me pics of her new dog. Great, right? Dog is cute and I tell her as much. Then she drops the name on me…pronounced “Cody/Kody”. Oh, but of course it isn’t spelled that way, she had to put her twist on it to make it special. She is spelling it “Chode”. Yup. I might be 42 now but I was once a potty-brained teenager and I know what a chode is. After I got my laughter under control I messaged her back and told her to look up chode on Urban Dictionary. While waiting for her reply I checked her Facebook page and sure enough she’d already posted the dog’s pics with her chosen name. It had a healthy amount of laugh-reacts but nobody had commented yet. I sent her screenshots of some of the funnier Urban Dictionary definitions. She flipped out and sent me a few nasty messages about how immature I am.

I guess I could have been more “mature” about it but c’mon, she named her dog chode! I didn’t think it was that serious, she’s only had the dog 2 days now so it’s not like he knows his name and she’s usually the type to laugh at a dirty joke but not this time I guess.

So do I owe her an apology? Or should I just laugh it off and wait for her to cool down?

I think we know where Reddit is going to go with this one, but it’s bound to be amusing to actually read the replies, too!

Because no one is going to yell out KODY based on that spelling. They’re just not.

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At least it will give people a good laugh.

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People shared their own dog-name fails, and this one might have been the best (worst).

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Look, there’s even a competition none of us knew about!

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Some people just have no sense of humor.

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I know one thing for sure; I need to get a lot more creative in naming my pets.

What’s the funniest pet name you’ve ever come across? I would love to hear it down in the comments!