Is She a Jerk for Eating Her Husband’s Entire Birthday Cake? People Responded.

Have you eaten a whole cake by yourself?

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Is this woman a jerk for eating her husband’s entire birthday cake?

Read her story below and see what you think…

AITA for eating my husband’s entire birthday cake by myself?

“I’ll preface this by saying that my husband’s family and I don’t get along, like AT ALL.

We’re rarely ever on good terms and for my mental health I decided to put distance between us. Especially after I was blamed for my most recent miscarriage (that happened 3 months ago). My husband can still see and visit them whenever he wants. For me, I don’t attend any of their events not even thanksgiving nor christmas.

My husband’s 30th birthday was 2 days ago. I planned to celebrate with him. I bought a cake and a gift but he said that his family invited him to celebrate his birthday and he “really really really” wanted to go because the birthday parties his family throw are like no others.

We had an argument over this but he told me to wait for him til he finish celebrating there with his family then we could celebrate together at home and eat cake.

After he left I felt so terrible. I called him but he turned his phone off. I was so mad I took the cake and brought it to the living room and started eating from it. I ate the whole thing not saving him a single piece (guess I was so angry and it made me hungry).

He came home and saw what I did and blew up saying I did this to spiteful and to punish him for not “ditching his family on his birthday” like I “wanted him to”. I reminded him I paid for the cake but he called me petty and nuts.

He ranted and ranted then said that he didn’t get to eat cake at his parents house because lots of kids were there and he didn’t get enough cake and what I did was 10 times worse.

he’s been upset with me ever since. AITA?”

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